Police asks women in prison who accused Feliciano rape

Second or delegate, the police also asked that Patricia is stuck to respond to any process.
06/09/2016 14h01 - Updated 6/09/2016 14h01
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The Civil Police of São Paulo concluded last week the investigation that strained crimes allegedly committed Patricia Lelis, from 22 years, against an aide to Congressman Pastor Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP). In addition to formally indict journalist and law student by lying to research and extort money from Talma Bauer, the officer investigating the case said he asked the Justice preventive detention of suspects.

“The survey was completed on Friday [2] and it was reported to justice with the formal indictment of journalist for the crimes of slanderous denunciation and extortion against the aide of Mr”, He said on Tuesday (6) Luiz Roberto Hellmeister, holder of the 3rd Police District (DP), in Santa Ifigenia, central region of São Paulo.

Second or delegate, the police also asked that Patricia is stuck to respond to any process.

“I asked the prison because it destroys people who are around her. Not only now as in the past, he pointed an innocent as rapist in Brasilia. Here she nearly destroyed the life of the police ", He claimed Hellmeister. “It represents a risk to society for lying and causing damage to several people”.

According to the police, the case will be reviewed by the Justice João Mendes Forum, in downtown São Paulo, to know whether a judge will order the arrest of Patricia. At this stage, prosecutors (MP) It is also manifested about the conclusion of the investigation.

sought, the lawyer of journalist, Rebeca Novaes Aguiar, confirmed this morning the completion of the police investigation with the arrest warrant of his client.

On other occasions, Patricia always denied the extortion allegations and slanderous denunciation against Bauer.

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