Population support Zero Tariff project Henrique Oliveira

It ensures free pass for students.
25/09/2016 12h04 - Updated 25/09/2016 12h04
Photo: Camilla Battista

In the streets, the population has been shown to support the main proposal of the candidate for mayor government, Henrique Oliveira (SD). A Tarifa Zero, that will ensure free pass to students, It has been the main issue addressed by voters during walks and pamphlets made by prefeiturável in city neighborhoods.

"People are calling us to talk about the Zero Rate. And this is a positive sign for our walk. A donut house, family father noticed that the project will benefit the population in general since the money that is saved at the turnstile by families will be redirected to trade ", explains Henry.

In this Saturday, 24, during walk held in the neighborhoods of Peace, Park Ten November and Redemption, Henry stressed their commitment to bring quality of life for families and presented to merchants and pedestrians their proposals in the areas of urban mobility, public transport, employment, income and infrastructure.

Housewife Marcia Viana was one of the Redemption neighborhood residents who approached Henry to learn more about the Zero Rate. "I believe this will be a good project. We see so many spending in areas that are not important. A true disregard for public money. But this proposal the money saved will be certainly for the families to other priorities ", commented.

agenda in infrastructure

The infrastructure was also the candidate of the dialogue's agenda and the residents of the Peace neighborhood. Speaking to traders, Henry heard complaints about the current administration. Avenida Hope, in the neighborhood of Peace, they complained that the City only turned to improve the infrastructure of the neighborhood a month before the campaign. "Now they bring asphalt to the neighborhood. Over these four years we lived with street rutted. Now they come here to play an asphalt without quality finish and feel that will have the support of the people ", He criticized the merchant Joabert Souza.

For city infrastructure Henry said the resumption of work for Districts. "The implementation of new work for Districts in the neighborhoods will give a more rapid and effective response to people's longings. We also need to prioritize the improvement of urban facilities, making the expansion of sidewalks, multiplication of points of light, asphalting of roads, standardization of signs and adoption of devices, as outdoor gyms, in underutilized areas medians ", highlighted.

Another important proposal is to set the maintenance schedule of public works. "We will reduce the neglect by the periodic inspection of the conditions of work – viaducts, bridges, sidewalks, way ", Henry explained.

Restructure urban mobility, with the construction of new roads and the creation of new route alternatives on existing routes, eliminating traffic lights, adopting the Green Wave, Right Free and other mechanisms that help reduce traffic jams and cheapen transportation costs.

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