Population has approved Ronda Community and boroughs, proposals for Silas

Candidate for mayor of Manaus has submitted proposals and won the hearts of voters.
20/09/2016 18h38 - Updated 20/09/2016 18h38
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Leader of the Coalition Us All Manaus, the candidate for mayor of Manaus, Silas House, and or vice, Colonel Amadeu, They have traversed the neighborhoods of Manaus, both on walks and in meetings with community leaders. With the government's plan in hands, Silas and Amadeu present the proposals and explain what can be done by the city in the next four years.

"We will implement four boroughs in Manaus, one in each geographical area of ​​the city. We will cherish the Community Councils. They represent the community's social empowerment, making immediate partner in decision-matters decisions inherent in their day-to-day ", Silas explained.

About transparency, Silas said that the city of Manaus has collected a good amount, but it does not show where the money is being applied. “The previous city council collected R $ 9 billion and made quite. The present said they did not because they had no money and collected R $ 14 billion. Therefore, almost five billion more and the city is full of challenges there. Manaus is one of the few Brazilian cities that had very significant increase in revenue”, said Silas.

In security, It is still expected to create the Executive Secretariat of Public Order. The folder will be responsible for local security actions and responsible for the program “Manaus Safe”, which provides for the integration of systems with the Civil and Military Police. One proposal is an agreement to buy the spare time of the police in exchange for their performance in time that would not be the state service.

“The city does have to collaborate with public safety in the state. There was a lot of omission. They hide in the article of the Constitution, that public security is the duty of the state. But after the decimal point, the Constitution says that is a right and responsibility of all. Civil Police, military and fire departments will be part of this project. The clearance of the police are 72 hours and instead is taking extra, making security grocery, they could is uniform and within municipal vehicle protecting our population”, finished Colonel Amadeu.

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