Deadline to save Orkut profile closes on Friday (29)

Google tool lets you store personal information from social network, as photos, scraps and testimonials.
29/09/2016 14h57 - Updated 29/09/2016 14h57
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The deadline to permanently save your Orkut profile - entitled to all photos, testimonials and messages (the classics “scraps”- closes on Friday (30), after that time Google will not store any personal information about Orkut - will only be open to Community Archive, which lists all the groups that had public access to users.

To recover the user will need the help of a Google tool called Google Takeout (withdrawal, in Portuguese). To begin click here. You need to login to the Google account you used to access Orkut.

Na página do Google Takeout, you need to login with the Google account you used to access Orkut. (Perhaps the memory is a problem now, but we trust that you will remember. If you used an email that Google was not to enter the Orkut, no problem: use-o, with the right password, and you should be fine). Once logged in, this is the screen you will see.

Scroll down (either on the phone or on the PC) to find the control Contents screen (that you see below). On the next screen, You can see the data that Google stores all the services you use it - like Maps, Gmail and Drive. And you can back up all of them with the tool.

Click "do not select none" to deselect the boxes, and then "Buzz" to select and ..., Orkut. After selecting, click in “next”. In sequence, click on "create a file" and wait for Google to carry everything that was linked to your profile. It will generate a .zip file, you can download soon, sending the file to your email or even for accounts storage cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox ou One Drive. Click Create File.

Inside him, one years ago treasure: beyond your photos (that come without subtitles, but divided into albums), you have to your profile page. Na pasta “internal”, You can find other cool pages: "Scraps" takes you to the comments list that you have (so if you were not the class "I read, I respond and extinguish "). Already the "testmonials" folder will show the cute testimonials that let you. Besides that, there will be a number of other many folders containing HTML files from the pages of topics that you created in different communities. Can you spend hours and hours having fun with this, neither?

Ah, a warning: you can only withdraw, of course, data from your profile. Communities information is preserved in a "decent" on the Internet, which contains only public communities. The file, considered a "museum of the internet", It is for viewing only and will not accept new topics, comments or polls. It is also possible delete your posts from the community acquis, if you want to do this.

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