Artur Prefecture admits contracts with businessman arrested by the Federal Police

The complaint was made by the candidate Marcelo Ramos in the TV debate Criticism, when answering a prefect attack trying to involve him in scandal.
26/09/2016 17h22 - Updated 27/09/2016 08h00
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Mayor Arthur Neto published on the afternoon of Tuesday (26) a statement recognizing that its management, the Municipal Health, It has contracts with businessman David Azevedo Flowers, one of those arrested by the Federal Police in the operation Evil Ways, which identified deviation of R $ 200 million health resources. The complaint was made by the candidate Marcelo Ramos in the TV debate Criticism, when answering a prefect attack trying to involve him in scandal. Just in time, Arthur was silent and behind the scenes said it was a factoid shot by his opponent.

Early in the morning, However, the Municipal d Communication (Without with) distributed press release, admitting that the company D. Azevedo Flowers, David property, arrested in the Federal, in fact operated in Manaus Prefecture, two contracts, one with bidding waiver. the note, the Semcom justifies waiving the bidding process was based on the item IV of art. 24 of the law. 8.666/93, authorizing the direct hiring in emergency and public calamity. Manaus at the time was under a state of emergency to combat the mosquito that transmits the Zika virus.

Even claiming that there were no irregularities, Arthur's Hall, second official note, He canceled the contracts with the companies involved in entrepreneur corrução scheme in Amazonas health sector. This does not prevent the Federal Police investigations continue in the Municipal Health. The City Council will have to explain how a company involved in the operation "Evil Ways" and in fact the services were provided. The fact is that the businessman involved in the largest corruption scheme in Amazonas public health was arrested for embezzling public funds and Hall was awarded contracts above the R $ 1 million without any bidding process.

The dissolution with the company accused does not prevent the pass Hall also being investigated by the Federal Police. It has been proven that the gang that deviated from health resources also worked in Arthur management.

See City Hall Note:
In response to news reports about the contractual relationship of the Manaus City Hall with the company D. Azevedo Flowers, whose partner was being investigated by the operation "Bad Paths", triggered by the Federal Police on the last day 19 of September, in respect to the population of Manaus, it clear that:

All hirings effected by Semsa are performed with the maximum observance of legal norms, which includes the two contracts with this company, which are, or No Contract 023/2015, whose purpose is the provision of telecommunications services to the SAMU (192), and the latest, or No. 030/2016, for the control of service hiring vector of Aedes aegypti, mosquito also transmits Zika Fever Virus which gives reason to the State Health Emergency we met.

In the first contract, the company was the winner of the Electronic Auction 42/2015 conducted nationally by Semsa, through the system 'Comprasnet', which is used by the federal government, having presented the lowest price among nine participating companies where there 77 bids of several values, reaching this way the principles of equality and wide competitiveness relating to all tender procedures, guaranteeing it the most advantageous proposal for Administration.

The second contract, this in fact took place through bidding waiver, like everyone else made the emergency, Institute expressly provided for in Law No. 8.666/93, governing the rules for bidding and contracts of Public Administration. no case, specifically provided for in item IV of art. 24 of the Law, which is, authorization for direct procurement in cases of emergency and public calamity, which remains characterized by the finding of epidemic viral infectious diseases, caused by Zika virus and its relationship with microcephaly, recognized by the city of Manaus in the form of the Emergency Decree 3.331 from 01 June 2016.

Despite the regularity of contracts, as above narrated, Manaus Prefecture, by Semsa, She decided to terminate on Friday, 23, the two contracts with the company D. Azevedo Flowers, because of the concern in the continuity of the services offered, as with the removal of the business owner for the operation "Bad Paths" Federal Police, it created an administrative uncertainty regarding the continuity of the provision of services, considered essential. The rescission of contracts with that company will be published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality (JUDGMENT) Monday, 26.


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