Search for sports activities increases in the Olympic Village of Manaus after Olympics

The growth reaches 50% in some cases and the expectation is that after Paralimpíadas, interest in parasports also become more intense.
08/09/2016 13h35 - Updated 8/09/2016 18h35
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The Olympics in Brazil over, but the legacy continues to be "harvested". This because, good presentation of the Brazilian team in Rio 2016 encouraged the search for the sports offered in the Olympic Village of Manaus, located in Dom Pedro, through the School of Sport Initiation (OWN), Youth of the State Department project, Sports and leisure (Sejel). The growth reaches 50% in some cases and the expectation is that after Paralimpíadas, which was officially opened on Wednesday, day 7, interest in parasports also become more intense.

The volleyball, after the men's Olympic tricampeonato, It was one of the sports that attracted the kids. According to the teacher mode, Alexandre Chaves, demand grew in 50%. "There was a great influence for the sport of taste. the Olympics, our heroes, They inspired these children the taste of practicing sport. And this taste, here in the Village, we had an increase of students 50%. A group that had 10 a 15 students, today beiramos 30. It is our Olympic heritage ", celebrated coach.

The 12 year-old small Carla Gabrielly already drives the young to fight for the dream. Inspired by the male and female teams, technical José Roberto Guimarães and Rezende, the young student dreams of being part of the world's biggest sporting event and, break, she still sees the highest place of the podium. "In fact I started a long time ago (training volleyball), and stopped. There, watching the Olympics, I thought about going back. I talked to my mother and she's bringing me. I saw the female game, but also mirrored me in the male, and one day I want to get to win a gold at the Olympics ", said Carla, that does not want to be "clumsy" in the quest for Olympic history. "I've given up once and now will try to get (go to the Olympics)”, she replied, decisively.

The "boom" of demand also reflected in handball. The sport is growing every competition, and this year achieved satisfactory results in Rio 2016. The increase occurred mainly in the period of the afternoon practice.

"Every sport needs a lot of media and broadcasting. What was missing for handball was this exposure. In the Olympics we had this great interest TVs, radios, newspapers, sites and selections made beautiful. The female was in the fifth place and the male in seventh place for the first time, It's not for anyone", He explained Professor of little school handball, Auricélio Andrade, commenting student enrollment. "In recent days I have many parents enrolled their children. We're average 30 students for the afternoon, since the morning many of them study ", He stressed.

Rhythmic gymnastics
The series of presentations by beautiful girls Rhythmic Gymnastics in Rio 2016, both the team of Brazil and the US, charmed thousands of viewers and also children. The success of the sport has increased the number of students in the Amazon Gymnastics Center Bianca Maia, located in the Olympic Village. "Since the Olympics are having great demand. The gym never in crisis and are having a great demand ", He stressed the teacher Escolinha, Itemar Pinheiro, the coordination of activities 70 students, divided into two groups with age 6 a 10 years.

One of the classes of Professor Itamar, at least half, It was directly influenced by the presentations of gymnastics Daniele Hypólito, Jade Barbosa and Flavia Oliveira, in Rio 2016. Who wants to be an Olympic gymnast? The answer was unanimous. "I like the Flavia Saraiva. I saw it on TV and I cheer a lot for her. I want to do what they do, I found it very cool and the Olympics one day I want to be there ", Virginia responds Reis, only seven years, which started in kindergarten last week.

Interest in Gymnastics, inclusive, You are making Amazonense Gymnastics Federation (FAG) create more projects to form new athletes in the center Bianca Maia. "We are having a lot of demand and create even a waiting list. For the month of September we will have a new design made by FAG to meet children. The demand for enrollment was intense and reached over 30% search ", said the coordinator of the Center of Excellence Case, Alessandra Balbi.

Gold medal helped
The first gold medal in boxing won by Bahia Robson Conceição was also reflected. "Demand has increased and provided more courage to the boys who came back to train boxing. Today I am with 25 students 8 a 16 training days in the second, Wednesday and Friday ", said Professor of boxing academy Village, John Lenon, today celebrates the expansion of the sport among young people.

Another Olympic sport that earned medals for Brazil was judo. The Japanese martial art that gave the first gold medal for Brazil in the Olympics with Rafaela Silva also had an intense search. "Just last week I was ten entries. We had a lot of demand also people over 16 years. Our small school is the age group of six to 16 years. Now we come to the total 45 students in each class ", said Professor Robson France.

The only gold won by Thiago Braz in athletics at the Olympics, the pole vault, He marshaled an intense demand for various forms of the sport. "We're taking young people in demand of 7 a 11 years, like 12 a 17 years, athletics. Practice for athletics is a little hard, You do not have the grip to the ball (soccer) and it was because of the Olympics that are being sought by several students ", He declared the president of the Athletics Federation Amazonense (Fedaeam) and coordinator of athletics academy Village, Marleide Borges.

The Olympic Village also offers classes in the following categories: Futsal, Olympic fight, Basketball and Table Tennis.

For the president of the Federation of Amazonas Paralympic Sports (Fepam), Getulio Son, after Paralimpíadas, following day to 18 September in Rio de Janeiro, the search for parasports should increase.

"In the Olympic Village are offered some activities for disabled athletes, as Archery, Athletics, Table Tennis and Weightlifting, and our expectation is that the demand for parasports increase after Paralimpíadas. Today already done work aimed Tokyo, in 2020, and it will be a pleasure to receive more promises ", commented Getulio, highlighting the participation of three representatives of the Amazon - Guilherme Costa, New to Francisco Rodrigues Cordeiro, of Table Tennis, of Volleyball Sitting and Archery, respectively - in Paralimpíadas Rio 2016.

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