Amazon will sell organic producers with the Conab food for the program Mesa Brazil

The food will be for social non-profit institutions, served by the Program Bureau Brazil.
12/09/2016 14h17 - Updated 12/09/2016 14h17
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A pioneering initiative in the North will ensure that organic farmers of the Amazon can provide fruit, vegetables for the Program of Food Acquisition (ON), the National Supply Company (Conab). The sale is being brokered by the Sustainable Development Agency (ADS), Government of Amazonas and will benefit about 40 families of two organic farmers associations installed in the Amazon.

It is the first time the Conab receives a proposal for PAA Organic with Simultaneous Donation in the North. The food will be for social non-profit institutions, served by the Program Bureau Brazil, SESC. No amount of R $ 140 one thousand, the proposal submitted by the Conab ADS, will directly benefit the Association of San Francisco Community Farmers, Rio Preto da Eva and the Organic Producers Association of Amazonas (Apoam), which brings together family several municipalities, including Manaus.

Rio Preto da Eva, municipality 58,6 kilometers from Manaus, a group of family farmers in the San Francisco Community, producing food in organic system, without the use of pesticides, It is among the beneficiaries of the proposal. About a month, they received from the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply (MAP) the title of Social Control Organization (OCS) and the recognition that the food produced on their properties meet the requirements of organic production.

"Classification as OCS entitles the producer to market their organic in direct sale to the consumer, while allowing the associations to participate in government programs ", He explains the CEO of ADS, Lissandro Breval, to highlight the key role of ADS and Sepror system in the process. "The program has been around for a long time. Had recourse, but there was none to make feasible a proposal and that was when we entered the structure, going to communities, surveying production, checking the surplus and, along with the Conab, We started working the proposal ".

Breval explains that, plus guaranteed market, organic producers have the advantage of market foods with a value 30% superior to conventional products.

According to the head of the Department of Agricultural Affairs and Fisheries ADS, Hector Liberato, the first proposal for PAA Organic in the state also has a number of different partners at the state level effort, Federal and third sector.

"This process has many partners among which, or MAP, which certified associations, the Sepror (State Secretary of Rural Production), bringing knowledge of organic and technical assistance through the Idam (Amazonas Agricultural Development Institute), Conab, a ADS, SESC, Musa and Maniva Agroecology Network ", He noted Liberato

healthy products
Supervised by technicians Idam and Sepror, Community producers San Francisco stumbled the challenge of producing organic food, those who do not use pesticides and are healthier for consumption. Practices who are changing not only the way of producing, but also the consciousness of an entire community. Following the concept of agroecology, organic production recycles and uses natural resources such as food waste and animal dung, to produce the fertilizer and biofertilizer, beyond the natural insecticide to replace pesticides.

consortium systems, where it mixes with the planting animals, like ducks, help control pests and natural fertilization of the land. Also consortium methods are applied over a species, to ensure nutrients, water and other essential factors in plant development.

"I started with the chemical and when the Idam proposed in working with organic I realized that the quality of our production has changed, primarily because working with the chemical is harmful to health. Organic has a higher cost of labor, but, the quality of life we ​​improved a lot. We eat good things, healthy for our family and for the people who buy from us ", teaches organic production, Ivonete de Souza Mota, four years ago adopted the organic system on your property.

The right market guarantee the sale of products for the Conab, It is also encouraging producers who are already making plans to increase production. This is the case of the farmer Jonas Mota that, because of the prospect of guaranteed purchase for your products, It is already investing in your property to expand production. "Our biggest problem was to sell our product all at the fair. Now, with this purchase guarantee, we can think about increasing our production ", said the farmer who recently called for joint effort to build a shed to store products.

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