Proposal creates program for reversing traffic fines

For the reversal is necessary to take a request to transit authority imposing the fine.
19/09/2016 17h13 - Updated 19/09/2016 17h13
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Effective from 2013, law that allows exchange of traffic ticket by a warning established by the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) It is little known by the public and therefore have low compliance in the capital of Amazonas. Thinking about that, Councilman Ednailson Rozenha (PSDB), He presented on the morning of Monday (19), the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), a statement providing for the establishment of a Program for the Manaus City Hall, through the Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans) leading to the general law.

According to an article published by the local press, only 16 reversal of requests were made to Manaustrans last year and early this year. Most of the beneficiaries are not repeat offenders, that is, who have not committed the same offense in the past 12 months and have no serious offenses or very serious.

The proposed parliamentary provides that if approved, the program is conducted in partnership with the City Department of Education (semed), to be drawn up a calendar of incentive stock disclosure law for the greater knowledge of manauaras. These actions would be carried out in schools, streets and avenues of the capital with accompanying heads of the agencies involved.

"Many people do not know that this possibility exists and why, not looking for that reversal of fines. There are so many drivers do not repeat, You could not pay the kind of sanctions and contribute something more profitable in the social point of view and not only financial. It is the duty of the government to take important information like this to the population ", He defended Councilman.

To her
The law of CTB to this possibility determines that prerequisites are met, how to reverse the penalty in a written warning, considering the records of the offender, thus a more educational penalty.
For the reversal is necessary to take a request to transit authority imposing the fine, provided with personal documents, plus all the car documents, fine notification, within 15 days to appeal the penalty and ask for reversal.

The average offenses of which offenders may use are: stationary vehicle for lack of fuel, driving with the arm out of the vehicle, use headset and driving motorcycle without holding the handlebars. Already the light is to use horn long way away and stop the guide 50 centimeters. "I hope that my fellow councilors understand the social importance of our statement and approve our proposal", He finished Rozenha.

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