Proposals Silas and Amadeu face infrastructure challenge in Manaus

Coalition Us All Manaus participated in the event organized by the Council of Architecture and Urbanism Amazon.
16/09/2016 13h30 - Updated 16/09/2016 13h30
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The Coalition Us All Manaus received the "Open Letter to Candidates for Mayors and Councillors", established by the Council of Architecture and Urbanism Amazon (THE RICH MAN), on the afternoon of Thursday (15), in Adrianople. The plate is led by the candidate for mayor of Manaus, Silas House, and Vice, Colonel Amadeu. no event, CAU-AM proposes to society and politicians a pact the city's quality of life.

"The city grew, but not raised quality. We must listen to those who know urban planning. The measures need to be taken on a definitive basis, of State, not to get another mayor and not give continuity ", analyzed Amadeu.

The document presented by the entity is the result of discussions occurred in the I and II National Seminar on Urban Policy and Environmental promoted, respectively in April and August, in Brasilia, Policy for Urban and Environmental Commission, with the support of the International Relations Committee and the CAU Presidents Forum. Also they were received, between the two events, contributions from CAU / State. Lastly, the Charter was adopted at the 18th Enlarged Plenary held in August.

According to the government plan registered with the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM), Manaus will have only ten municipal management Silas and Colonel Amadeu. One will be the Department of Infrastructure, Housing and Land Affairs, You will deploy the Infra Manaus project.

“In addition to recovering and expanding the road systems of the neighborhoods, we will conduct a diagnosis of Sanitation Current Plan, stabilize the supply system and dispensing the water, and adopt the solar model in all new works from the municipality, so that the produced surplus power is available free of charge to needy communities in Manaus”, summarized Silas.

Still on the afternoon of the fifth, Silas met with leaders of motorcycle taxi drivers. In an open conversation with the category, the candidate spoke in improving access of concessionary, as taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers, to solve their everyday problems. Silas expanded the discussion and presented its proposals for urban mobility.

“We will deploy effectively BRT, modernizing the bus fleet and recreate the Temporal Integration, with integration between land and river transportation, and Domingueira, with tourist and river route to resorts”, Silas assured. “We will establish full transparency in public transport costs worksheet and stimulate the partnership through Public Private Partnership for the creation of the river public transport. We will make investments in bike paths and bike racks institute”, finished.

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