Strengthening the teaching of mathematics in the classroom, Seduc promotes teacher training

The action taken on Monday (26), with the participation of 80 teachers.
26/09/2016 13h10 - Updated 26/09/2016 13h10
Photo: Eduardo Cavalcante / Seduc

Emphasizing the various applications of logical reasoning in the classroom, the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC) held on Monday (26), a meeting with mathematical discipline of teachers who work in Primary Education (1Th to 9 th) and secondary education in state schools in Manaus. The action was coordinated by the Working Group (GT) Mathematics of SEDUC and with the participation of 80 teachers.

The action has as main objectives enable teachers an understanding of logical reasoning methods, mostly in the form and not the content of the arguments; increase critical analysis skills of mental arguments used in the organization of ideas and creative processes; become more capable in streamlining and organizing your ideas; in addition to studying how people should think.

Created 2013, the GT Mathematics, according to the Seine Nile coordinator, seeks to work with educators of the capital and the interior, ways to improve teaching and learning in schools with low performance in mathematics. The action on Monday was the proposal to strengthen the pedagogical practices of mathematics discipline.

"With the theme 'mathematical logic', this action seeks to show teachers some of the various forms of application of logic in the classroom, since it is a subject quite required in college entrance tests and also in public procurement. Proposing this reflection on the use of logic, we expect our teachers to get acquainted with more content and expand its methodology options to address the issue in schools ", Nilo said the Sena teacher.

For math teacher at the State School of Solon Lucena, Arthur Silva Lopes, training is of great importance to strengthen the work that has already been developed with students. "This action is very important in building logical arguments both in mathematics discipline as in other related areas, since it encourages teachers and students to organize their thinking and reach the solution for a given problem. Actions such as this make it more practical work in the classroom ", said Professor.

mathematical methods

Also as part of the shares of GT Mathematics, which is currently composed of nine members, SEDUC promoted, last Friday (23), a training activity about the methodologies aimed at teaching of discipline in elementary school final years (6Th to 9 th) and high school. The activity was transmitted via Media Education Center.

The training was directed to the area of ​​concepts, perimeter, volume and trigonometry, subjects which have shown lower performance in the Amazon Educational Performance Assessment System (Sadeam).

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