environmental reserves inside the Amazon is an act against the Caboclo Amazon

09/09/2016 01h52 - Updated 9/09/2016 13h47
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The creation of two new environmental reserves in the Amazon, held by President Rousseff revoked (PT), It was a real attack on the Caboclo Amazon.

In his last acts Dilma Rousseff practiced one of the acts that greatly impairs the interior of our state: Manipur, Apuí, Humaita and several municipalities in the south of the Amazon will be embraced by another reserve. A total of two reserves preventing the caboclo can produce their own food and make their minimum subsistence production.

The decision was announced in 11 May this year, in the Official Gazette, with the enactment of Decree that created the areas of Environmental Protection (WHAT) Manipur fields, a Biological Reserve (Reba) Manipur, or National Park (steam) Acari and the National Forests (Flona) the Aripuana and Urupadi, in addition to expanding the Flona Amana. All of them are in the Amazon and, together, occupy larger area than the state of Alagoas. The justification of the acts, according to the former President of the Republic, It was to protect the biological diversity in order to ensure the sustainability of ecosystem services and contribute to environmental stability of the region.

Take the example of Apuí. This district has 54.956 km². Conservation areas created between the 2002 e 2006 cover part of PARNA Juruena, FLONA Jatuarana, PAE Aripuana Guariba, totalizing 42.285 km². in percentage, this area already covered 76,9% the territory of Apuí. With new creations, CUs FLONA Aripuana and PARNA Acari, spend together 2.382 km². Adding to the existing, the total of the municipality of Apuí consists of protected areas is 44.667,67 km², which comprises 81,2% territory, with Dilma's decision the community's economic and social progress, It is practically unfeasible.

We parliamentarians Amazonians have to unite, in an attempt to reverse the creation of environmental reserves. Two more reserves is an evil with the people of the interior. An evil with the St. Anthony community Matupi, where we are fighting to at least put a telephone antenna. Brasilia sends create reserves here that isolate the people as if they were Brazilian.

Platiny Soares is state deputy for the Party Democrats

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