Technical meeting proposed by Platiny Soares define security actions in UFAM

Currently the university is home to over 40 thousand students, distributed 147 courses.
13/09/2016 20h09 - Updated 13/09/2016 20h09
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A stand of the military police should be deployed on the premises of the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust). The partnership was announced early on Tuesday (13), the mayor of Campus, Atlas Augusto Barcellar, during technical meeting convened by Vice President of Public Security of the Amazon Legislature, Platiny Soares (THE).

According to Barcellar, the negotiations with the General Command of the Military Police, They have been initiated and should be implemented in the medium term, after receiving a favorable opinion of the University Council.

The measure aims to establish greater security for patrons of the institution. For this, It should be established an agreement, the templates signed between the University of Minas Gerais and the Military Police of that state.

"It is undeniable that we have serious problems in promoting a quality security for students and teachers. But, we must remember that we are talking about a complex that has, 6 million m2 and is housed in the third largest natural forest in an urban area on the planet ", said Barcellar.

Currently the university is home to over 40 thousand students, distributed 147 courses. We last months, They were reported theft cases, theft and trawlers inside and outside the Campus, located in the South Zone of Manaus, that led students to conduct demonstrations calling for increased public safety initiatives in place.

"Since the episode involving trawled the bus stop located at Avenida Rodrigo Otavio, ships a work order, where we highlight the performance of patrols in the inner roads of Ufam. Besides that, we have a car which is parked next to the shelter, at peak times. Thereby, We are giving greater sense of security to the population ", said the commander of the 11th Company Interactive Community (Ciciom), captain Nilzomar.

To Platiny Soares, work for cooperation between the Ufam and the Military Police, It is essential and should be encouraged not only aimed at the main campus, but also the health unit is located on the Boulevard Alvaro Maia Avenue. "While Public Safety Commission, we are putting in as intermediaries in this process. I believe that from these actions, we will succeed in goal, which is to protect the lives and property of the population ", he emphasized.

Representing the Public Security Secretary of the State, the delegate Walter Cabral, He said the department is sensitive to the issue and available to cooperate with the actions aimed at safeguarding the population.

PF states that ostensible policing is with PM
Among the points clarified the technical meeting, It is the competence to promote public safety in the Campus Senator Arthur Virgílio Son. Being a property belonging to the Union, it was believed that only the Federal Police, had this management, but as explained in office the Regional Superintendent of the Federal Police, Marcelo Sálvio, such assignment, flees the corporate functions.
Second or document, the problems reported in the Campus of the region would be solved, first time, with the increase of preventive policing in the region (preventive function), that is assigned to the Military Police, through ostensive police actions and public policy guarantee, under Article § 5 Article 144 of the Federal Constitution.
Information demystified the idea that the military police would not have run to perform actions on site.

Environmental Battalion or kennel
As Mayor of information Campus Ufam, Atlas Augusto Barcellar, there is the possibility of space for the military police be directed to the Environmental Battalion or kennel.
"The environment is conducive to the work of these two aspects of the Military Police. We are investigating how we can apply to both parties need ", spoke.

R$ 10 Million invested in safety
Every year the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust), spends R $ 10 million in security of persons and property. Currently over 150 security guards of a private company are security diuturnamente on site.
More of 100 Cameras monitor the Campus area, they transmit real-time image, to a security center. Four motorcycles and two cars are used to patrol the roads.
A mobile application is being set up to help students and teachers to report acts of vandalism and crime.

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