Secretary of Semad has reproved accounts by the ECA

Serafim Pereira D'Alvim Meirelles Neto, must pay a fine of R $ 31,8 one thousand, related to irregularities in the exercise of 2014.
14/09/2016 06h12 - Updated 14/09/2016 06h12
Photo: Ana Cláudia Jatahy / TCE-AM

The full Amazonas State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), unanimously, judged irregular accountability, for the financial year 2014, Municipal Administration Secretary, Planning and management (Semad) Serafim Pereira D'Alvim Meirelles Neto, during the 32nd regular meeting early on Tuesday (13).

Fines imposed by the manager Hearing Officer Julio Cabral total R $ 31,8 one thousand, by irregularities such as the delay in sending the monthly trial balances of Semad, for the period from February to December 2014, the TEC; and not prove reasons and advantages in the celebration of the Addendum to the lease. The deadline for returning the value to the public coffers is 30 days.

The board also ruled the provision, exercise 2011, of Amazonas Land Institute (Iteam), of responsability, at the time, Itamar CEO of Oliveira (from 1/1/2011 a 28/4/2011) and CEO Wagner Ferreira Santana (from 29/4/2011 a 31/12/2011). It was judged to regulate the supply in the period Itamar de Oliveira Sea headed the agency, whereas accounts express, clearly and objectively, the accuracy of financial statements, the legality, legitimacy and economy of management actions. The rendering the period of Wagner Ferreira Santana management was deemed irregular.

The decision by the irregularity was based on the impropriety related to the non compliance with the notification of the Court to clarify the discrepancy between the information that the use of the Right concessions would have been for the benefit of 77 families, however, the documentation mentioned as beneficiaries three companies. The fine imposed was R $ 6,4 one thousand.

Regular with caveats

Providing Single Installment accounts of an agreement between the City Department of Social Welfare and Human Rights (Semasdh), de responsabilidad de Sildomar Abtibol, and the director of the St. Joseph Solidarity Center - Agricultural School Queen of Apostles, Celso Batista de Oliveira Filho, It was also assessed. The decision of the Full was the regularity with reservations without fines.


Contracts Service Delivery signed between the Municipal Superintendence SMTU Transport and City Transport companies, Traffic Saint Peter, Rondônia Trade and ore extraction Ltda., Transtol Company Public Transport Toledo Ltda., New road Integration Ltda., Via Verde Transport Collective Ltda., Crowned Express Ltda., Global GNZ Empreend.e Participações Ltda., Auto and Bus Leader Ltd.. They were judged collegial block and on account of the illegalities detected was fine imposed R $ 8,8 thousand to the former superintendent of SMTU, Marcos Cavalcante.

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