the Amazon in Manaus secretaries discuss the formation of consortium for the purchase of medicines

The idea is to adopt a strategy, particularly with respect to high-cost drugs.
01/09/2016 08h40 - Updated 2/09/2016 15h44
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Representatives of the Health Departments of the Legal Amazon States met, this Wednesday (31), to discuss measures that enable cost reduction in the purchase of medicines, especially those for cancer treatment, and the sharing of telehealth model already adopted in the Amazon. The meeting took place at the Hotel Caesar Business, in Djalma Batista Avenue, south-central zone of Manaus, under the coordination of the Amazon Health Secretary, Pedro Elias de Souza.

Pedro Elias explained that the intention of forming an interstate consortium to improve the management of pharmaceutical supply states is already being discussed by the secretaries of the region and the project now enters the formatting phase. The idea is to adopt a strategy, particularly with respect to high-cost drugs, including those used for intensive care unit patients (UTI), transplant and cancer treatment.

"With the purchase scale, we can reduce costs in any direct negotiation with factories. We want to complete the technical studies, so we can create this new acquisition model, especially for you chemotherapeutics, which are very high-value medicines ", he said.

According to the secretary, Initial calculations indicate that the acquisition of consortium system drugs should generate savings between 30% e 40%. No Amazon, according to him, the estimated cost of pharmaceutical expenditure reached R $ 17 million per month, and approximately 30% of this amount is related to highly complex inputs.

The secretary said the meeting Wednesday aimed to establish step by step to the interstate consortium of health model - which is still not adopted in Brazil – is implemented in the region. The project must be submitted by the Secretaries to the governors of each of the states that participate in the initiative and follow the procedures that will indicate the economic feasibility model.

The agreement between the entities should also be enjoyed by the Legislature of each State to, So, the consortium be consolidated, with choice of board, Statutes and Bylaws. This no event, the adviser of the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass) Ana Paula Soter suggested a schedule that provides for March 2017 completing these steps.

Another point discussed at the meeting on Wednesday was sharing the telehealth model adopted in the Amazon, which had its implementation started in 2008 e, currently, It covers all state municipalities, according to Pedro Elias. The state secretary of Para Health, Vítor Manuel Mateus, He pointed out that the Amazon is the Northern state with more advances in this area.

"No stop, we have, today, 131 virtual health points. We are in the embryonic stage, we see that, in places where there are points, they have good results, to reduce the need to move the capital. The idea is to extend this model and connect with the Amazon, with the possibility of sharing some specialties that are already offered here ", He noted.

at the meeting, Pedro Elias explained that, not Amazonas, currently, They are offered to Teleconsulting services, Teledermatologia, Telerradiodiologia, Tele-Education and telediagnosis. He also said that is in preparation a pilot project, to be deployed in Coari, telepathology, focusing on the prevention of cervical cancer, the one with the highest rates in the state's female population.

"The telehealth model reduces time and cost of transporting patients and facilitates access to experts, especially in cases of accidents and emergencies. They assist physicians in primary care. It is a measure that brings good results and should be shared with other states ", said.

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