Second day of Blue Ribbon keeps congestion and traffic complaints

The drivers of the capital who are unable to travel across the area intended only to 90 buses have doors on the left side.
23/09/2016 14h52 - Updated 26/09/2016 17h33
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The second day of mandatory Blue Ribbon in the avenues of the North Zone continues to record congestion and complaints from drivers who are unable to travel across the area intended only to 90 buses have doors on the left side. On thursday, first day of the blue band, two accidents in less than an hour, and one with fatality.

Earlier on Friday (23) family members and retired friends Francisco Maciel Coelho, from 70 years, held demonstration in Av. Max Teixeira, where the accident occurred, requiring the city to build a walkway and more supervision.

The city is then said to send the press release and say that users of public transport approved the implementation of the blue band in the north. But what the aides of Mayor Arthur Neto seem to forget, is that the entire bus fleet, but of 1700, use the right lane and are also congestion.

"It's unbelievable that the city thinks it's okay. I made the trip from New Town to the center in less than 40 minutes. Today I'm still that same time from the T3 here in front of Portela. I have not arrived at Torquato, it should're worse ", complained the autonomous, João Freitas.

Again Radio Tiradentes put his story in the blue range of the Max Teixeira, and within thirty minutes airing the report, only two articulated buses passed by the BRS platform.

The mayor Arthur Neto remains to explain why pay more than R $ 2 million for Vetec Engineering company, the "technical study" who painted blue avenues of Manaus. "Do not be traffic engineer to know that here the bus stop on the right side. This track is irresponsible ", shot Ronaldo Tiradentes in radio program.

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