Sergio Moro condemns Bumlai and Cervero in Operation Lava jet process

Among the crimes imputed to the defendants are money laundering, mismanagement and passive and active corruption.
15/09/2016 11h58 - Updated 15/09/2016 11h58
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The Federal Court in Paraná announced today (15) the sentence that the judge Sergio Moro condemns the rancher José Carlos Bumlai, the former director of Petrobras Nestor Cervero and six defendants of the 21th stage of Lava Jato. Among the crimes imputed to the accused are money laundering, mismanagement and passive and active corruption.

Bumlai received a sentence of nine years and ten months in prison. He is responsible for the loan of R $ 12 million made at Banco Schahin, in October 2004. According to the farmer, in testimony to Justice, the money was intended for PT.

"No one forced José Carlos Costa Marques Bumlai to accept figure as a person filed in the loan agreement or accept the fraudulent discharge of the loan or to simulate the donation of bovine embryos. It is obvious that so acted for, as well as the Schahin Group, establish or maintain good relations with the political guild that controlled the federal government ", says Moro.

According to the complaint of the Federal Prosecutor (MPF), constantly sentence report, Banco Schahin granted, in October 2004, a loan of R $ 12.176.850,80 a Bumlai. The money would have real beneficiary PT, having the rancher been used only as a person interposed. The loan, with maturity in November 2005, I was not paid and did not even guarantee.

"The debt, without there being any payment until then, It was settled in 28/12/2009, by prior transaction contract, settlement and payment in kind of cattle embryos by José Carlos Bumlai the companies Schahin Group, and it was celebrated in 27/01/2009. The Foundation [debt extinguishment] payment would have been simulated, for bovine embryos were never delivered ", the document says.

According to the MPF, the real cause for settlement of the debt would have been to hire Schahin by Petrobras for operation of the ship-Probe Vitoria 10.000, what happened in 28 January 2009, "With Memorandum of Understanding between Petrobras and Schahin, having begun in 2007. The contract was concluded for a period of ten years, be extended for another ten years, a lump sum payment of USD 1,562 billion".

Nestor Cervero was sentenced to 6 years and 8 months in semi-open regime, for having participated in the recruitment group for Petrobras ship operation.

Among the convicted are also former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto, sentenced to six years and eight months of imprisonment in semi-open regime. Milton Taufic Schahin and Salim Schahin received a sentence of nine years and ten months in prison for mismanagement of crimes of financial institutions and active corruption and the executive Fernando Schahin to five years and four months in semi-open regime.

in action, Live absolved Jorge Zelada, former director of Petrobras' International Area, the crime of accepting bribes for lack of evidence. Barros Bumlai Mauritius was also acquitted of the crimes of bribery and mismanagement of financial institutions for lack of sufficient evidence.

Source: Agency Brazil

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