'Yellow September’ start activities this weekend in Manaus

The campaign begins in Manaus on Saturday, day 10 of September, which marks the World Day for the Prevention of Suicide.
09/09/2016 16h20 - Updated 9/09/2016 16h20
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The program of September Yellow - Prevention Campaign to Suicide and valuing life begins in Manaus on Saturday, day 10 of September, which marks the World Day for the Prevention of Suicide. leafleting activities on risk factors and prevention methods mark the beginning of the campaign, to 18h, in Largo de São Sebastião, Center, south of the city. The action will be made by the Psychiatric Association Amazonense (MONKEY) in partnership with the Public Defender of Amazonas (ECD-AM).

The campaign aims to stimulate discussion about the causes that lead to suicide and treatment possibilities. The coordinator of the campaign for the DPE-AM, public defender Ricardo Trinidad, says that many of the suicides could be prevented if the risk factors, and psychiatric diseases and drug abuse, They were properly treated as a public health issue. "We need to talk about suicide to expose the causes and seek to prevent. Only then can reduce cases, with family involvement, society as a whole, in this discussion ", said Ricardo Trinidad.

According to the AAP, Nayef psychiatrist Cleber Moreira, the first step to combating suicide is the realization that this is a problem it is possible to prevent. "The suicide prevention passes, about everything, the awareness of the population to which open dialogue and explain that there is treatment that can prevent it. The indicators show that 96% of those who were killed they had a diagnosis of mental illness ", he said.

The leafleting in Largo de São Sebastião Saturday, a partir das 18h, meet psychiatrists associated with APP, public defenders, DPE-AM of psychosocial core staff plus volunteers Psychology and Social Care professionals.

On this World Day for the Prevention of Suicide, the Teatro Amazonas and the Amazon Arena will receive light yellow, color symbolizing the campaign.

Other activities
The campaign also will be conducting a symposium of lectures in the auditorium Belarmino Lins, the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), no dia 13 of September, from 9am to 12pm. The lectures will be taught by Cleber Nayef and the vice president of the AAP, Gnutzmann Pablo Pereira, and will address risk factors and ways to prevent suicide. The event is free and open to the public.

no day 18 of September, DPE-AM coordinates leafleting on the promenade of Ponta Negra, a partir das 8h. Participate in the action, social workers and psychologists of the institution and volunteers, besides psychiatry professionals.

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