Silas House proposes the implementation of BRT in Manaus

According to the government plan recorded in the TRE, Manaus will have only ten departments in the management of Silas and Colonel Amadeu.
24/09/2016 13h16 - Updated 24/09/2016 13h16
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The candidate for mayor of Manaus, Silas House, presented its proposals and the government plan registered with the Regional Electoral Court (THREE) for all neighborhoods of Manaus. One is on which urban mobility system that will be used in the management at City Hall: o Bus Rapid Transit (also known as BRT).

"The buses will have a well made exclusive busway, it will work properly and not the way it is there. intelligent traffic lights also will speed the shift. But the most important, full transparency in the spreadsheet for the people to really know how much it cost and improve the safety of both the buses and in the terminal ", he said.

Also according to the government plan, Manaus will have only ten municipal management Silas and Colonel Amadeu. Some of them will be the Department of Infrastructure, Housing and Land Affairs, You will deploy the Infra Manaus project.

“In addition to recovering and expanding the road systems of the neighborhoods, we will conduct a diagnosis of Sanitation Current Plan, stabilize the supply system and water distribution, and adopt the model of solar energy in new projects of the municipality, so that the produced surplus power is available free of charge to needy communities in Manaus”, Silas finished.

this Friday, the coalition We Are All Manaus fulfill an intense agenda. It started with an interview with community radio The Voice of the Communities. Then, a visit to Manaus Archbishop, dom Sergio Castriani. Even on the morning of Friday, another interview, this time to the Amazon TV and G1 Amazon.

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