Silas House traveled to the event inside the AM using public money

O candidato a prefeito apresentou nota dos gastos à Câmara dos Deputados e teve o dinheiro reembolsado.
15/09/2016 07h42 - Updated 16/09/2016 09h03
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The candidate for mayor of Manaus, Congressman Silas House (PRB) used public money to fund a trip to the city of Autazes on the eve of the election campaign.

Silas used a jet to go to the site to participate in the rally of a supposed friend mayoral candidate inside. There is no problem about it, but the point is that the candidate bankrolled the entire trip with public money.

The trip took place on 24 July this year and Silas announced that he would travel through social networks. At the time he wrote: "I'm pre-candidate for mayor of Manaus and keep my posture never abandon our brothers from the inside".

The jet chartered by Silas cost $ 3 one thousand, round trip from Manaus to Autazes. He presented the note of service to the House of Representatives so that the amount was repaid. That is, he went to the municipality own political benefit, but the House ended up paying for the applicant's travel, which made use of the federal deputy condition to be winners.

more trips

days before, Deputy also traveled inland to attend other rallies. He went to the municipalities of Anori and Coari and the two travel cost R $ 9 thousand and again he made note of the expenses to the House to be repaid.

Federal Members are entitled to a monthly value known as quota, you can use to cover food costs, fuel, tickets and other services. The monthly amount that a federal deputy is entitled is $ 43.198.

However, the use of these funds rules. One is that it can only be used in cases exclusively linked to 'exercise of parliamentary activity'. That was not the case of Silas House travel, that used for partisan and political purposes.

Asked by the magazine SEE about the conduct he said it was also participate in meetings and other specific objectives of the mandate and said he did not see the problem in using a paid ticket with public funds for personal purposes.


Silas is the richest candidate in Manaus. According to he himself declared to the Electoral, his goods totaled R $ 2,7 millions, which R $ 550 thousand and are kind. The candidate was also one of the most received investments for the electoral dispute, a total of R $ 500 one thousand.


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