SUS will offer best treatment in the world for patients with HIV / AIDS

Near 100 Virus thousand patients receive treatment.
29/09/2016 14h29 - Updated 29/09/2016 15h54
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From next year, the Ministry of Health will provide the antiretroviral drug dolutegravir. The remedy is the most suitable for the treatment of HIV / AIDS by the World Health Organization (WHO) and it will be offered by the Unified Health System (THEIR). Near 100 Virus thousand patients receive treatment.

"We are daring to offer the best treatment in the world at the lowest possible price", said Minister of Health, Ricardo Barros, during the announcement ceremony of the new drug. Second or minister, this is a challenge for all areas of the folder, and not only for the fight against HIV and AIDS.

"We are clear that you can do more with the resources we have available. Our policy is to dare and the brand of our management is to provide more efficiency, making it possible to improve the treatment and supply of medicines in SUS at lower cost, without burdening the budget ", said the minister.

From the negotiation with the pharmaceutical industry GSK, the folder was able to 70% the price of the drug, US $ 5,10 to US $ 1,50. Like this, the incorporation of dolutegravir does not change the current budget of the Ministry of Health to purchase antiretroviral drugs, which is R $ 1,1 billion. If the current negotiations for all treatments with antiretrovirals, the estimate of the Ministry of Health is an economy of R $ 5 millions.

For the director of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Ministry of Health, Adele Benzaquen, more important than to reaffirm the role of the country at the forefront of driving the policy to combat HIV and AIDS, the incorporation of dolutegravir reinforces the largest commitment of the Ministry of Health to offer people living with HIV and AIDS the best technology in a sustainable way.

"The dolutegravir presents a number of advantages for those people. In addition to power much higher, the new drug has a very low level of adverse events, "explained the director. Besides that, the director stressed that the new drug also is more effective over time, This entails the lowest emergence of resistant virus during treatment. "This enables higher quality of life for patients over the years", reinforced director.

Side effects
The new drug has a very low level of adverse events, which it is important for patients who must take medicine every day, for the rest of life. With fewer adverse events, patients will have better adhesion and greater success in treatment.

The director of the Department of HIV, World Health Organization (WHO), Gottifried Hirnschael, through video message, pointed out that since the early days of the global epidemic of HIV, Brazil has pioneered in introducing the most innovative interventions, with creativity and efficiency. According to him, "Brazil was also among the first countries, in order to 2013, to introduce the policy of 'treat all' and provide treatment to all HIV-positive people as soon as possible ", said Gottifried Hirnschael.

On the incorporation of the new drug in the SUS, Gottifried stressed that "WHO is happy with the announcement that Brazil is one of the first countries to introduce the dolutegravir, one of the latest treatments, in its national program. WHO recommends the use of this drug to further enhance the quality of HIV treatment ", he said. For him, with the implementation of this new policy, Brazil will be able to improve the health and well-being of millions of people living with HIV and will inspire other countries to do the same.

Initially, the new drug will be offered on the NHS to all patients who are starting treatment and also to patients who are resistant to older antiretroviral drugs. The expectation is that, in 2017, about one hundred thousand patients start using the new drug.

Already incorporated into the NHS by the National Technology Incorporation Commission (CONITEC), the drug will be included to the new Clinical Protocol and Therapeutic Guidelines for Management of HIV Infection, which will be updated this year.

currently, the people treatment regimen in the initial phase consists of tenofovir drugs, lamivudine and efavirenz, known as 3 in 1. From 2017, the dolutegravir associated with 2 in 1 (tenofovir and lamivudine) It will be displayed in place of efavirenz for patients starting treatment and those with resistance to older drugs.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Brazil recorded 798.366 AIDS cases, not accumulated period 1980 to June 2015. No period 2010 a 2014, Brazil recorded 40,6 thousand new cases per year, average. Regarding mortality, there was a mortality rate fall by AIDS 10,9% in the last years, passing 6,4 by 100 thousand in 2003 for 5,7 in 2014.

Source: Portal Brazil

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