TCE-AM holds ordinary session, on Tuesday, with 43 processes

Among the benefits of accounts that will be judged is the former superintendent of SMTU, Marcos Antonio Cavalcante.
27/09/2016 07h23 - Updated 27/09/2016 07h23
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Earlier on Tuesday (27), the college of Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM) judges 43 processes, among which are accountings, representations, resources and making accounts.

Among the benefits that go to trial are the former Municipal Secretary of Finance, Planning and Information Technology (exercise 2012), Alfredo Paes dos Santos; Ex-superintendent Municipal Urban Transport (SMTU) Marcos Antonio Cavalcante, for the financial year 2010; the former secretary of the Municipal Works Department (Semosb), Herban Paulo Maciel Jacob Son; exercise 2003; the Mayor of Tefé, Juvenal Correa Lopes Filho, for the financial year 2012; Municipal former mayor of Rio Preto da Eva, Fullvio da Silva Pinto, exercise 2008; and the Executive Secretary of Economic Planning and Development (SEPLAN), Ronney César Campos Peixoto, exercise 2014.

Also included in the tariff review of resources, ordinary and reconsideration, brought by jurisdictional TEC, in the face of some decisions taken by the Court of Auditors. Some representations and making accounts will also be examined during the 34th ordinary meeting of the full TEC, held in the plenary of the institution, at 10 am, on Tuesday (27).

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