TCE-AM suspends bidding Careiro to recover extensions

The decision was met monocratic and representation proposed by MP-AM.
19/09/2016 10h50 - Updated 19/09/2016 17h49
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In monocratic decision and given a representation filed by the Public Prosecutor at the Amazonas State Court (MPC/TCE-AM), the director Mario Mello suspended outright, on the afternoon of Friday (16/9), the bidding process of Careiro Hall - the amount of R $ 421,8 thousand - for the recovery of local roads in the municipality.

In its order, which considered the extensive documentation submitted by the company New Life Construction EIRELI - EPP to the Audit Attorney, Fernanda Mendonça Cantanhede, the director Mario Mello, who is also rapporteur of Careiro accounts, He suspended the bidding, even at the administrative level, considering that it showed potential harm to the public treasury and careiense society. Mayor Hamilton Villar has 15 days to present a defense to the TCE-AM, if you want to not have the tender canceled.

As or office, the municipal administration started the bidding process without informing, the Transparency Portal, if the city was to make hiring. Mayor Hamilton Villar stopped also inform, the procurement notice published in the Official Gazette, the reference value for executing the works and the extension of the service to be provided, or what, the counselor's opinion Mario de Mello, hinders participation and competition companies.

The Careiro Hall also not informed about the requirement in the qualification stage of labor regularity of bidders, what affront the Bidding Law.

Another flaw pointed out by prosecutor Fernanda Mendonça Cantanhede, embraced by advisor, was the fact that the edict restricting access companies, to delimit the participant of competition the presentation of the overall liquidity ratio (ILGA) and the Current Ratio (ILC) greater than or equal to two years, which is not compatible nor reasonable with the time limit for completion of the work of 60 calendar days.

According to advisor explanation Mario de Mello, the suspended bidding process - in the Price socket mode (# 3/2016) - Is in opening phase, trial documentation and price proposals, or legitimizing, further, concern that the event, how is, can generate financial damage to the municipality. "It appears the precariousness of the event", he said, to emphasize that the TCE-AM acts anticipating the damage.

Mayor Hamilton Villar has been notified, via representation of Careiro, In Manaus

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