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TCU determines that goods received by Lula and Dilma are incorporated into the Union

Near 4.564 Union heritage items are recorded as lost in the Presidency systems .
Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

The Union's Court of Auditors (TCU) determined to Planalto Palace that gifts received by presidents of the Republic are incorporated into the heritage of the Union since the publication of a decree 2002. The text regulates the preservation criteria of private collections of the Presidency and, according to the TCU, It was interpreted wrongly.

The determination of the body was sent to the Secretariat of the Presidency of Directors and the Chief of Staff Office Michel Temer and worth all the documents and gifts received by the previous presidents who are liable “very personal”, as medals, or “direct consumption”, as caps and T-shirts.

Last week, TCU concluded that the audit had been doing for months in the Planalto palace and Alvorada and found that 4.564 Union heritage items are recorded as lost in the Presidency systems . From this calculation, the court gave the term 120 days for the identification of 568 gifts received by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and 144 items by former President Dilma Rousseff, wrongly regarded as personal property.

Source: Agency Brazil

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