Temer said at the UN that impeachment respected constitutional order

He also said, bring the United Nations a non-negotiable commitment message the country to democracy.
20/09/2016 11h37 - Updated 20/09/2016 11h38
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In his speech that opened today (20) the 71st General Assembly of the United Nations (HIM), President Michel Temer reiterated the commitment "non-negotiable" in Brazil with democracy, citing, inclusive, the process that resulted in the prevention of President Dilma Rousseff, done, according to him, "In the most absolute respect for the constitutional order".

Temer also addressed some international conflicts, as between Israel and Palestine and the war in Syria. Second or president, "in a world still so marked by hatred and sectarianism, the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio showed that the meeting between the nations in an atmosphere of peace and harmony is possible ".

The president also praised the resumption of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States and criticized agricultural protectionism sponsored by several countries.

On Brazil's current political situation, post-clearance Dilma, Temer said bring the United Nations a non-negotiable commitment message the country to democracy. "Brazil just through long and complex process, regimented and led by the National Congress and the Brazilian Supreme Court, culminating in an impediment. Everything went in the most absolute respect for the constitutional order. "

"We have clarity on the way forward: the path of fiscal responsibility and social responsibility ", said the president, noting that confidence is beginning to restore itself and that a more prosperous horizon begins to take shape.

Temer took the opportunity to call for foreign investors to do business with Brazil. "Our passes development project, mainly, by partnerships in investments, in trade, in science and technology. Our relationships with countries from all continents will be, on here, decisive.”

The President emphasized that Brazil has an independent judiciary, an active prosecutor and the executive and legislative bodies do their duty. "Do not prevail isolated wills, but the strength of the institutions, under the watchful eye of a pluralistic society and a fully free press ", said Temer, just before point as the current task of the country to return to economic growth, in order to restore jobs for Brazilian workers.


Having a Brazilian official opening series of pronouncements of state and heads of government at the general meeting is a tradition at the UN, started in 1947 the Brazilian diplomat Oswaldo Aranha. The example of earlier speeches made by other Brazilian presidents, Temer reiterated Brazil's position in support of a reform of the organization's Security Council.

"The United Nations can not be summed up in an observation post and condemnation of the world scourges. They should be stated as a source of effective solutions. The sowers of conflicts have reinvented themselves. Multilateral institutions, no. Brazil has been warning, decades, it is vital to make the most representative global governance structures, many of them aged and disconnected from reality. It is necessary to reform the UN Security Council. We will continue to work to overcome the impasse on this issue ", said Temer.

Source: Agency Brazil

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