Temer is received with boos, cries of “out” and parade in applause at the Esplanade

Dozens of people booed and began screaming "Off, Temer "several times, making the ceremonial parade was momentarily interrupted.
07/09/2016 12h32 - Updated 8/09/2016 11h39
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President Michel Temer was received in protests and cries of “putschist” by people who were watching the parade 7 of September, the Ministries.

Upon reaching the place reserved for the authorities to the start of the parade, Temer was applauded by the public to attend the event from the stands, near the presidential tribune.

Soon after, however, dozens of people booed and began shouting “Out, To fear” repeatedly, making the ceremonial parade was momentarily interrupted. Protesters sat in a grandstand located diagonally from the tribune reserved for the president, practically in front of another space where are positioned diplomats and other authorities.

Over about a minute, the shouts and catcalls stopped the event protocol. One of the protesters opened a small banner reading: “We do not accept illegitimate government”. Outnumbered, a group of people in the same stands opposed the protest, raising small flags of Brazil and saying: “Our flag will never be red”.

After the execution of the National Anthem, the protests continued, of longer intervals.

The president got out next to the first lady to, Marcela Temer. He was received by the Defence Minister, Raul Jungmann, and the governor of the Federal District, Rodrigo Rollemberg, and is not using the traditional Presidential Range. Fearing stood the tribune where were the presidents of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, and the House of Representatives, Rodrigo Maia. This is the first public event of Michel Temer since he assumed the presidency.

By the time Temer gave authorization to the Presidential Military Commander, Division of General César Leme Justo, for the official start of the event, were no more protests ears. When the parade was already happening, including the conduct of fire Symbolic the athlete Arthur Nory, gifts applauded presentations.

In military authorities, accompany the parade alongside Temer the defense ministers, Raul Jungmann, Civil House, Eliseu Padilha, Justice, Alexandre de Moraes, among others.

room for guests
After the start of the parade, three young men who participated in the demonstration spontaneously withdrew from the audience. The bleachers where protests were made was reserved for Planalto Palace guests.

The student Lucas Berthon, 20 years, the one who started the protest, He said he lives in São Paulo and is in the stands with other students of Public Policy Management from the University of São Paulo.

He said he came to attend a course in Brasilia and was invited by the Presidency to participate in the parade along with colleagues. According to the student, the act started in an unplanned way and one of the young people who had a small poster was asked to leave the stands.

According to the Secretariat of the Presidency Press, the distribution of invitations was made according to the demand of officials of the Presidency, which could apply a number of entries.

Lucas said it is not PT or defend the government of former President Dilma Rousseff, but it claims that Temer came to power in order “illegitimate” and advocates direct elections.

The advisory Temer press reported that none of the security guards are authorized to remove the protesters or anyone from the stands. The only exception is made political demonstrations through posters.

Source: Agency Brazil

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