Temer denies rumors about FGTS and says that money will continue funding works

The information was disseminated through a video on Wednesday, day 14.
14/09/2016 11h03 - Updated 14/09/2016 15h42
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President Michel Temer used the celebrations of 50 Years of Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) to disprove rumors that laid-off workers without cause could lose the right to serve this benefit. By means of a video released today (14) the Planalto Palace, Temer ensured that the proceeds from this fund will continue to be used for the expansion of sanitation and housing works.

recording, Fearing recalled that in 50 years of existence of the FGTS, many of the values ​​obtained from the fund were used to increase the number of homes in the country, trend will be maintained. According to him, but of 4 thousand municipalities, or represents 73% of Brazilian municipalities, already had works financed by the FGTS. "We will continue to use such resources to expand sanitation, housing and other activities of the government ", said the president. "They will be applied over R $ 218 billion in housing, sanitation and urban infrastructure ", he added.

"Sometimes when it announced that those who had lost his job for unfair dismissal could not withdraw the amounts of FGTS. Is not true. There is no thought about this matter in the government. The FGTS will continue to exercise its role, as it has exerted over time ".

Even this morning, Temer announced, along with Minister Ricardo Barros, management actions on public health. Among the measures to be disclosed are investments in Emergency Care Units and shares charities. Then, 11am, President will hold the new Advocate General of the Union, Grace Mendonça.

Source: Agency Brazil

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