Campaign ends today to update immunization cards

Must attend to smaller health centers children 5 years and children and adolescents 9 a 15 years.
30/09/2016 08h00 - Updated 30/09/2016 13h57
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ends today (30) the National Campaign Multivaccination, which aims to update the vaccination of children and adolescents book. Must attend to smaller health centers children 5 years and children and adolescents 9 a 15 years.

According to the Ministry of Health, the goal of the action is to combat the occurrence of vaccine-preventable diseases in the country and reduce the vaccination dropout rates - especially among teenagers. altogether, 350 thousand professionals participate in the campaign.

Also according to the folder, They are being made available vaccines against tuberculosis, rotavirus, the measles, rubella, has pertussis, mumps and HPV, among others. How vaccination is done selectively to the target population, there is no goal to be achieved.

Changes in schedule

In January this year, the ministry changed the four vaccines scheme: poliomyelitis, an HPV, meningococcal C (conjugated) and pneumococcal 10 valente.

The scheme against polio was increased to three doses of injectable vaccine (2, 4 e 6 months), two more booster doses by oral vaccine. Up until 2015, the scheme was two injectable doses and three oral.

Already the HPV vaccination increased from three to two doses, with an interval of six months between them for healthy girls 9 a 14 years. girls 9 a 26 years living with HIV should continue to receive the three-dose schedule.

In the case of meningococcal C, reinforcement, which was administered to 15 months, It has to be done preferably on 12 months, It may be made to the 4 years. The first two doses continue to 3 e 5 months.

Pneumococcal decreased by a dose and was administered in two (2 e 4 months), preferably with a reinforcement to 12 months, but which can be received by the 4 years.

National Immunization Program

currently, the National Immunization Program offers around 300 million immunobiologicals, between vaccines and serums - including all doses recommended by the World Health Organization.

Source: Agency Brazil

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