Fishing Tournament takes more than two tons of garbage Rio Negro

The event joined the sport to environmental preservation and exceeded the goals of the previous editions.
26/09/2016 08h07 - Updated 26/09/2016 08h07
Photo: Nathalie Brazil / Secom

Around de2,3 tonne of waste were removed from the Negro River waters by more than 200 competitors 3rd Friends Fishing Tournament Tarumã, no last Saturday, 24. Or event, which started early morning and ended when the night began, joined the sport to environmental preservation and exceeded the goals of the previous issues relating to the removal of waste and the largest peacock bass fishing already hooked on competition. With the Amazonas Government support, the tournament itself as a tourist attraction in the high season of fishing in the region.

With a structure mounted on the Ponta Negra Beach, in Manaus West zone, fishermen set off early towards the tributaries of the Rio Negro in search of higher tucunaré, but without forgetting its commitment to the environment. Competitors have reserved a space on their vessels for different types of waste, as pets and household bottles that cause pollution and damage the natural habitat of living beings. Between a bag and other, weighing posted the top mark to the last two issues, not complete, They added 1,2 ton.

"I am sure this event will contribute to more tourists to come to the Amazon, that the period of greatest volume of fishing in the municipalities, having this environmental concern that is of great value for our sport and for our state ", said State Secretary of Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel), Fabricio Lima.

With surpassed expectations, Tournament coordinator, Rogério Bessa, notes that will act to place the event in the annual calendar of Amazonas sport. "The success of the third tournament took place thanks to the support of people who believe that sport segment in our state. In each edition we see growth and so we will work so that it is part of the state's annual events to spread their higher purpose, which is the preservation of our rivers ".

bigger fish

In this year, the Amazonian fisherman Evaristo Tavares, 28, It was the one who caught the biggest fish of the competition: one with Tucunaré 73,5 cm long, the largest competition 2015 what is it 70,5 cm. Lucky or not, this was the first time competitive in the tournament who presented with awards and trophies for their efforts on fishing. "It was an incredible experience in my life because I had the privilege to participate for the first time in the tournament alongside more experienced and knowledgeable people fishing in the Amazon".


The made the biggest fish was not a fish story. As the fish Evaristo, other stinging species were measured by standard measurement rule approved by the Office of Weights and Measures Amazon (Ipem-AM), with technical regulations as established standards of the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro). The approval of that measure standard allows competitors or fishing elsewhere might validate the Amazon the size of your fish by length in centimeters, and be recognized internationally.


One of the novelties of this edition was the device called 'Transfish' developed by the State Department of Rural Production (Sepror) and Executive Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (know), for the use of fish transport over long distances in a fast and safe way. The box was composed of medical oxygen load, added with sodium chloride in water to lower the osmoregulation. After measuring the fish were packed in transfish and taken to their natural habitat without bringing risk to species.

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