Intermunicipal Transport will be monitored rigorously on holiday

"Operation Safe Transport" will act in different points of departure of the capital, as Huascar Angelim Road and Bridge Rio Negro.
02/09/2016 15h18 - Updated 2/09/2016 15h18
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From this Friday (2) and during the long holiday, the Government of Amazonas, through the Regulatory Agency of Public Services Granted (Arsam), will hold "Operation Safe Transport". The aim is to intensify the supervision of intercity road transport passenger service.

The quality of the work and the safety of paths will be a priority during the approaches that Arsam servers will to the drivers of vehicles that will travel between the cities in the metropolitan region of Manaus in this period.

The operation will be carried out in partnership with the State Traffic Department (DMV-AM) and the Military Police Battalion traffic at various points of the capital output, as Huascar Angelim Road and Bridge Rio Negro, AM beyond highways-010 and BR-174, who will receive flywheels inspections.

"As there is an increased demand and some complaints to ascertain, we must ensure that more passengers arrive and leave the capital with security. Besides that, We will require compliance with schedules and the availability of extra buses, if necessary", said Fabio Alho, CEO of Arsam.

Based on Law 3.006/2005, the Arsam oversees the service to the passenger that makes your path using intercity buses between municipalities, and any charter, by minibus, taxis and vans, which must be previously authorized by the regulator, on Highway Huascar Angelim, where they are also being inspected windshields, headlights, direction indicators, fire extinguishers, tires, cleaning, documentation, stocking and fulfillment of gratuities and schedules.

In compliance with the relevant legislation, companies must perform free transport, and the sale with discount 50%, people to identify, in the following situations: people with physical disabilities, hearing, visual or mental and other recognized by Law 10.048/00; police officers, military and prison officers, since in service, pursuant to Article. 255, the State Constitution; elderly over sixty years; during the school year, student's official school network, since uniformed and identified; smaller up to ten years of age, duly accompanied by a responsible and retired people on disability, in any public pension system, demonstrably affected the conditions provided for in Law 8.213/91. The benefit will be guaranteed at all times of the conventional services.

To make use of free or discount, passengers fit in the cases described, They must apply for a single trip ticket, in own sales counters, personally and, at least, three hours in advance, in relation to the line starting time. The licensees companies are providing on road, but of 20 departure times, a partir das 5h.

Complaints of poor service delivery can be formalized through 0800 280 8585, or in person, the Ombudsman's Arsam, located in San Jose CAP, East Zone of Manaus.

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