TRE-AM and security agencies have integrated plan for elections 2016 not Amazonas

The goal is to curb electoral crimes and maintain security at polling stations.
20/09/2016 17h56 - Updated 20/09/2016 17h56
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Organs of the Federal balls, State and Municipal showed on Tuesday (20), the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC), Security Integrated Tactical Plan for Elections 2016 not Amazonas. The plan is validated by the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM), coordinated by the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM), and will be applied in Manaus and other in 61 State municipalities.

The goal is to curb electoral crimes and maintain security at polling stations. For operation, They will apply the monitoring system and the integration of the organs that make up the Integrated Command and Control (SICC). The plan includes actions to inhibit irregular electioneering, buying votes, Security polls and voters, as well as crimes of any nature during the election.

The calendar includes actions such as sending troops of the Military Police to municipalities from the day 22 September and the activation of the CICC on 1st October in Manaus. The actions and the effective used in each municipality were defined in conjunction with the TRE-AM, from the needs of municipalities and electoral areas.

According to the coordinator of the SSP-AM operation, Colonel Oliveira Filho, all monitoring system will be applied in the Plan. “The Center for Integrated Command and Control act effectively during operation, with embedded technology. We will be working with radio communication, telecommunication, georefenciados maps, Note Elevated platforms, so all the potential of the Command and Control Center will be committed to this operation ", he said.

According to the presiding judge of the elections, Dr. Marcelo Vieira, the submitted Plan contemplates the demands required in election. "I see very peaceably security planning done from the needs of the capital and cities. I think that everything that is being done by security agencies give us the conviction, while election judges, a peaceful election ", said.

O tenente-Coronel Franclides Ribeiro, coordinator of the military police operation in the capital, He highlighted the integrated work with the armed forces. "We had no major incidents 2014 and we want to keep this pattern. Let's take, along with the armed forces, polling stations, without losing operational capability ", he said.

The armed forces will work in patrol precincts of Manaus and some inside, as well as logistical support to the TRE Transport Equipment, equipment and employees TRE who will be acting in the municipalities. After delivery of the ballot boxes will be mounted guard policing by the army and PM at polling stations.

Part of the operation the bodies that make up the Public Security System (Civil police, Military police, Fire Department, DMV-AM, DPTC, SSP-AM),Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM); Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans); Municipal Social Welfare and Human Rights - SEMASDH; Sub Municipal Trade, markets, Production and Supply (Subsempab); Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU); Guardianship Council; Health Surveillance Manaus - Manaus VISA, among others.

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