TRE-AM makes transmission tests and prepares engineers to transmit voting data

Testing and training began on Monday (19).
20/09/2016 12h38 - Updated 20/09/2016 12h42
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On Monday (19) IFAM in facilities, began transmission testing of voting data from elections 2016. The tests ensure smooth operation of the equipment that will be sending, by satellite, Data from the electronic voting machines, so that the aggregation system of Elections make the sum that will show the results of local elections this year.

The transmission is done via a device called BGAN, which consists of a portable transmitter signal, what, retransmitted by a satellite, reaches the Electoral Court receptors.

In parallel, it happens, in the annex building of the TRE-AM, the training of polling stations of the coordinators of each ELECTORAL ZONE capital. Engineers are citizens appointed to be, each one, responsible for a polling place (generally, a school) during the day of the election. After the election closed, each coordinator will collect media from the ballot boxes installed in polling stations under their responsibility, and insert these media in the pre-installed computer in place for this purpose, for the transmission of data to take effect.

It will be the first time that the coordinators convened by 13 capital of electoral areas will transmissions of polling stations.

Source: TRE-AM

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