TRE-AM starts generating media, loads and seals of the ballot boxes

No Amazon, media will be prepared for 7.159 polling stations and the procedure continues until the day 30 Of this month.
15/09/2016 10h03 - Updated 15/09/2016 15h02
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The Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE-AM) He began performing since Wednesday (14), and continues until day 30 of September, public hearings generation media and preparation of electronic voting machines for the elections this year.

The procedure, What happens in Urns Depot TRE-AM, It began yesterday morning for the municipalities of Juruá, Tapauá, Canutama e Boca do Acre, whose pole the city of Manaus. Starting tomorrow, Pauini, Ipixuna and Guajará follow the schedule. The media generation to Carauari, Anori, Careiro Manaquiri and takes place on 16.

No Amazon, media will be prepared for 7.159 polling stations, between voting result memories, special result memory, load flashes and voting flashes.

The procedure aims to generate official data that will be installed in the electronic voting machines throughout the state, as the voting system, name, number and photo of candidates, besides the data of voters in each section.

Source: TRE-AM

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