Last round of the first phase of the Amazonian Youth Championship has five clubs fighting for three spots in the semifinal and ball still rolls on the Main and Children

The Amazonas football season gets Amazonas Government support, via Sejel.
27/09/2016 11h10 - Updated 27/09/2016 11h10
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The first phase of the Amazonian Youth Championship ends on Wednesday, day 28. With Rio Negro already qualified for the second phase, five teams still fight for the last three places in the semis. Fast, South America, National, Manaus Taruma and are in the running. Cliper, São Raimundo and the Netherlands have focus in the second round of the competition. The Amazonas football season gets Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

Dreaming of the wave

Pleading phase advance, Manaus will have to do what no team has managed so far: Rio defeat or Black, in starting at 17.30, the stadium Hill. The Galo da Saudade Square is undefeated, leads the competition with 15 points and has the meanest defense in the competition.

"It's a very important and against my former club game. It is a wonderful work done by Ribamar and Rivaldo, and we go to a decisive game for the combination of results into the G4 and decide the second round. Our team is growing and we are certainly going to have a good show ", assessed the coach Manaus, Roberley Assis.

To keep from falling over

Freefall, South America came out of the first position to the third position in the table. And not to run the risk of falling further, even getting out of the G4, Colina Train is the famous Black Rooster classic against São Raimundo, 17h30, in the Amazon Arena. Unbeaten beside the Rio Negro, the Gloria neighborhood team have to beat already eliminated team from the Hill to ensure the semifinal.

"Because it is a classic and even with our opponent having no more chance of qualifying can be sure it will be a difficult game. We are ready and with a full team, different from the match against the Black River. We expect to win and then we see where we will be putting ", said coach South America, Marcelo Galvão.

Fight for fourth place

With 11 gains points and in fourth place, National faces Tarumã, 15h, in Carlos Zamith stadium, in the East. Owner of seventh place with eight points, the Northern Lobo needs trouncing the National and hope for a defeat of Manaus to stay with the latest wave of semifinal.

Tricolor faces lantern

Second place in the table, Fast will have a relatively simple mission. Current champion of the category, Tricolor or faces or Netherlands, competition flashlight with three points. A single win or draw an ally of the round results ensures the team of the South Zone at the end quadrangular. The match will start at 17h, in Carlos Zamith stadium.

Round Professional

Three games move the round of professional football. With games in stadiums Gilberto Mestrinho, Ismael Benigno and Arena Amazonia, Professional Championship wins drama airs in the fight for G4.

With the National leader facing the National namesake of Borba, left to the teams playing in Manaus and Manacapuru win to get closer to the leader. Fast and Princess are the two teams that can take the NACA leadership, in case of negative result of rival.

In the same adhesive and 16 Lion Blue points, Fast may exceed the rival in case of victory over São Raimundo, at 20h, in the Amazon Arena, and of defeat for or National Borbense, in marked game for Ismael Benigno Stadium, at 20h.

The runner-up 2015 and "engaging" in dispute, Princess gets Manaus, Gilberto Mestrinho in stadium, in Manacapuru.

Semifinal Child

The top four teams in child category, South America, Cliper, Fast and Tarumã, start on Thursday, day 29, the semifinal of the tournament.

With the advantage of playing for a draw to qualify, South America faces the Tarumã, 15h, e o Cliper enfrenta o Fast, 17h. The matches will be held at Carlos Zamith stadium.

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