A crack in impunity

15/09/2016 13h23 - Updated 15/09/2016 13h26
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It has become a popular jargon culture of "justice only for the poor", "Brazil, the country of impunity ", or "everything will end in pizza". The policy behind the scenes is jargon still very present, but the Brazilian judiciary, slowly, It has independently shown, bold and ruthless in his office to prevent unlawful acts, independent who do.

The complaint filed by federal prosecutors against former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and the former first lady Marisa Leticia, It shows that Brazil is going through a new era in the delivery of public services.

Meritocracy given to prosecutors, autonomous and incorruptible services, breaking the paradigm of the "tentacles of power" spread by the three powers.

There is still a long way until it reaches the epilogue all the facts, but what is observed preliminarily is a very strong political influence in the judiciary. The legal defense speeches are confused with political speeches.

Search is through popular support, social, business and even at the United Nations (HIM), romantic justifications for facts and criminal acts of the world of law, trying to justify the unjustifiable.

The complaint was based on data and statements. Defenses made with theses of "political persecution", as if it were legal excuse.

Begin to emerge legal forms of "political patronage", "Companies of improvements", among other items of the complaint show that it is not just the "embezzlement" as corrupt public property.

Lava-jet operation is washing the culture of dishonesty, the souls of those who became disillusioned with the "justice only for the poor", and mainly, the hidden dirt on submerged roads, that diverted our wealth, burying Brazil in the biggest economic crisis in its history.

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