Go to the polls, exercising their citizenship!

29/09/2016 14h00 - Updated 29/09/2016 14h00
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No Sunday (2), we will have in the hands the opportunity to exercise our citizenship in full form. Go to the polls, It gives us the opportunity to change the reality in which we live, and we must be aware that our decision, involve directly in our day-to-day.

Shaken by so many corruption scandals in politics, was common we find that all politicians are the same, and providing that no. However, we should remember that it is through our vote, that the candidate is raised to legislative seats.

We live in a democratic country, where elections are fundamental to decide the direction that will give health, education, security and many other industries, essential to our survival. We must give due weight to politics, observing the work of those who have chosen to govern us. We should note the proposals and charge, for men and women with rap sheet, do not jeopardize the money and public property.

The conscious vote is linked to the desire for transparent and honest actions. Do not be corrupt, by those who offer cash for your vote. Observe, read, watch the news, identify who actually deserves your trust. Question, copper and opine, is the protagonist of change, do not let the bad governments are perpetuated and continue to destroy the dreams, a better future for our children.

I know it's not easy, vote conscientiously, It requires analysis, observation and critical thinking, but we are on track. dropped giants, years in power, we are tired of Petrolões, Car washes and Bad roads.
That is why, going to the polls. Let us go in search of a better Amazon!

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