Vanessa tries to explain video support the candidate who makes apology to drug use but Internet users do not forgive

Grazziotin was harshly criticized in his Facebook page to post explanatory note on the video.
27/09/2016 15h47 - Updated 28/09/2016 07h01

A video of the Amazon Senator, Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB), asking vote for a candidate for councilor in Bethlehem, Miss Andreza, his party, Last weekend, viralizou on social networks and Internet sites.

The controversy was because the candidate is already known the internet and was arrested in 2013 because of a video which invites "the whole community to a social" in their home washed down with very Chopp, marijuana and cocaine. recording, it is an invitation to "drink a beer, smell a Coke in the morning, untarnished ".

No video Vanessa, Miss Andreza, It is called "talented young man" and praised as a future "large councilwoman" and a "representative youth, of the women, of the workers, students ".

On his Facebook page, Senator is the target of ironies: "There was no one else to support you, neither? A typical candidate, decent, honest, no track record in the police throughout Bethlehem! Or better, will some fairly decent candidate WANT your support?”, He wrote a follower.

in a statement, Senator said the PCdoB supports Miss Andreza "for its strength, determination and because it represents the reality of difficulties of young people from the peripheries, without opportunities and trying to survive in a society prejudices, In so many cases, extremely exclusionary ".

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