Councilman snake handling of PL on campaign for retirement planning

Research indicates that only 6% the population plans to complement the benefit investing in private pension funds.
14/09/2016 09h21 - Updated 14/09/2016 09h22
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Councilman Ednailson Rozenha (PSDB) He charged on Tuesday morning (13), the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), the processing of the bill providing for the establishment of a permanent campaign of educational activities focused on youth awareness about the importance of planning for a more secure retirement.

According to the proposal, the campaign should be conducted through the Municipal Education (semed) once a year and is intended for elementary school students.

"It is still very low percentage of people who plan for the future. It is important that our teenagers receive guidance on the subject early and know value the importance of financial planning. I hope that our project will be approved as soon as possible ", He defended Councilman.

According to national surveys, a total of 63% the retired population receives from the government a public pension of a minimum wage and only 6% plans to complement the benefit investing in private pension funds.


According to a study by HSBC, eight out of ten retirees regret not having saved more money. Experts point out that savings can be made into products other than pension funds, dese the investor to keep the habit of applying constantly.

The proposal also provides that the Parliament once a year, after calendar set by the Semed, students of all high school modes, They are guided through lectures and activities that arouse in them an interest in retirement planning. The activities will be carried out by qualified teachers and may be invited subject matter experts.

"It is important to rethink the future. Unfortunately most young people do not care about these issues and some argue that much time to think about, but I'm sure that with the help of the government that culture can change ", He finished Rozenha.

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