Councilman charge project vote that guarantees more safety for students

The proposal requires the installation of trackers in school transport vehicles.
08/09/2016 09h46 - Updated 8/09/2016 09h46
Photo: Robervaldo Rock / CMM

Councilman Ednailson Rozenha (PSDB), will ask next week, speed in the processing of Bill No. 008/2016, requiring owners of school transport vehicles, regulated by the Manaus City Hall, to install trackers on vehicles used for moving students.

The proposal began to transact in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) in March 2015 and it is currently in the Constitution Commission, Justice and Writing (CCJR) the Legislature.

According to the parliamentary, the measure will ensure more safety to children and adolescents who use the service and own transport drivers and industry entrepreneurs.

"Our project was born after several meetings with parents and guardians of children who use the school transport service. We understand that you need to create mechanisms to provide more control and offer more security desired by many parents. Our proposal is stopped and is in the interest of citizens to be approved to become reality in our city ", He defended Councilman.

According to the text of the proposal, the purpose is to assist in locating possibly stolen vehicles, in addition to provide more security to drivers themselves. The cost of installation and maintenance of the equipment will be the owner's own responsibility and after becoming law, the equipment shall be installed within 120 days from the rule of law.

"The installation of the scanners ensures the location of vehicles in real time mainly by providing parents and guardians to locate children and consequently tranquility in case of delays. I hope that our request is met and our project tramite more quickly in the House ", He finished Rozenha.

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