null vote does not invalidate election, says political scientist

Many voters believe that if more than 50% voters vote void the election is invalidated.
28/09/2016 15h11 - Updated 28/09/2016 15h11
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One of the main questions that appear at the time of elections concerns nulos. Many voters believe that if more than 50% voters vote null and void the election is, although the claim is not true, It recurs every election, appearing in social networks publications and conversations with friends, causing confusion.

"That that is over 50% the electorate vote void the election is void is pure folklore ", explains political scientist and professor at the University of Brasilia (UnB) Flavio Britto.

In fact, both the null votes as the blank votes are not taken into account in the calculation that gives the election results. That is why, even if there is more than 50% of spoiled ballots, the election will not be canceled, since the valid votes shall be considered only received by the candidates and so-called legend of votes.

"This kind of vote [white and null] It is not considered in the overall result of the election, that is, on balance, they are not considered valid ", the professor said the Agency Brazil.

according to Britto, even if 99% votes invalid the election will not be canceled, because the result will be defined by 1% that is valid. "If hypothetically we think of a city that has only one candidate for mayor and the entire city saw fit not to vote for the candidate, null voting in protest. If only the candidate vote for himself, for example, only his vote to be considered valid and he would be elected with 100% of the votes ", said.

Nullity of election
For the teacher, confusion exists because people confuse the null vote with the possibility of election invalid. According to the Electoral Code, the null vote is a choice of the voter and the invalidity occurs in cases of fraud in the election.

The Electoral Court can nullify an election if there fraud in more than half of the votes or where the elected candidate has the application registration revoked. If this occurs, a new election is scheduled in term 20 (twenty) a 40 (forty) days. "This can happen because of the abuse of economic power or when a candidate competes with record sub judice. In these cases, if it turns out winner and, more in front, the Electoral Court to revoke the registration of his candidacy, would new elections ", Britto observed.

Political scientist points out that the nullity of the election may also be ordered if there is a vote of breach of confidentiality, If the termination occurs prior to 17 hours or if there is fraud in electronic voting machines. "These are some hypotheses for the election to be annulled", he said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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