MP-AM action takes Barcelos Prefecture to pay late salaries servers

It will be applied a fine of R $ 20 twenty thousand per day of delay in payment of salaries effective servers and contractors.
07/10/2016 11h18 - Updated 7/10/2016 11h18
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The Amazonas State Prosecutor (MP-AM), by Barcelos Justice Prosecutions, filed a Public Civil Action (ACP) against the municipality of Barcelos to guarantee payment of delayed salaries of public servants of the city. The ACP was filed on 28 September 2016 and five days later, in 03 October 2016, the municipal administration has committed, in conciliation hearing, to remedy the arrears due in two installments, no dia 11 October and on 11 November 2016.

“The action has a dual purpose, remedy the back wages of hired employees in education and health and force the municipality of Barcelos to pay tenured civil servants until the fifth business day of the month to work”, said the prosecutor of the City of Justice Holder, André Fonseca Lavareda.

The agreement reached in conciliation hearing did not include a guarantee of payment of municipal servers until the fifth working day of each month, why the ACP will continue being processed in Barcelos Judiciary. The MP-AM called for the application of R $ 20 fine twenty thousand per day of delay in payment of salaries effective servers and contractors.

“Although not demand object, It was also included, on hearing the term, delayed salary for the month of August 2016 the tutelary counselors, which will be paid no dia 11 November 2016”, said promoter.
Before setting up civil investigation, the Promoter of Justice of Barcelos sent an official letter to the City Mayor asking for information about the causes of the problem and the measures taken for management to solve it, but it was not attended by the Mayor.

“That public official ignored the duty to provide information, acting as if individuals were clarifications due to the prosecutor. Given the lack of information, It was established investigative administrative procedure that instructs this class action”.

After initiating the investigation, through requisition, the prosecution demanded the sending of information how many delays and what measures taken to remedy the arrears, providing term 10 working days to reply. However, the Mayor, Sr. José Ribamar Beauty Supplies, He responded by saying it would not be possible to deliver the documents within the period, requesting 30 days to comply.

If there is no resolution of the conflict perspective by extrajudicial, even after repeated attempts by the municipality of Justice Promoter, The MP-AM took the case to the courts.

“The Parquet tried, By sometimes, the consensual resolution of the issue under discussion, but the municipal authorities did not provide concrete proposal that offered full security to the perception of salaries of civil servants”, said promoter.

Source: MP-AM

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