young offender beaten in Mato Grosso, He is sorry and fear reprisals

The young man was beaten on 18 of September, but the case has gained repercussion with the identification of suspects.
05/10/2016 12h49 - Updated 6/10/2016 01h41
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One of the attackers that appear in video beating young in Vila Jacy - West neighborhood of Campo Grande - is sorry and scared of the repercussions that the case had, after the video "fell into the network". The statement is Ronye Mattos, lawyer Jhonny Celestino Holsback Belluzzo, 19 years.

Defender reports that the offender is receiving threats and that a group of people would be combining to go after him to "give back". "The family is very afraid. My client wants to repair all his errors, he studies, works, has passage [by police]. It was a moment of nervousness that he took this attitude ", argues.

Ronye account that the young investigated for attempted murder sought psychological help after what happened. "He sought the victim also, they made peace and the boy assured that do not want to represent against my client ".

Or case - The attack took place on 18 of September, It was recorded by the police six days later, but only today the delegate Fabiano Nagata, 1st DP (Police station) He talked about research, after the video came to light in groups of WhatsApp.

Two attackers were identified: plus Jhonny, Alessandro Ronaldo Mosca Junior, from 21 years, It is also investigated for attempted murder.

Victim and the suspects have been interviewed by police. The guy who caught confessed to having urinated in one of the wheels of the car of one of the attackers and, in testimony, He said he believed that this has motivated the group that will beat.

But, the lawyer gives another version of the facts. The victim would have risen in Jhonny car and then urinated. "My client was with his girlfriend and was very nervous when he came across the young man vandalizing his estate. I'm interpreting this as a self-defense, defense of honor ", He claimed.

no video, a person who watches the confusion asks that the cronies stop kicking and punching the victim. She screams: "Do not kill him, no".

Watch the video of aggression:


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