Amazon already applied over 114 thousand doses of vaccine in Multivaccination Campaign

The campaign ended on the last day 30, but the data are still partial because inside the municipalities are still sending information.
05/10/2016 12h08 - Updated 5/10/2016 12h11
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The State Department of Health (Sesame) released on Wednesday, day 5, a partial balance of Multivaccination Campaign, showing that to date have been applied 114.532 vaccine doses throughout the state. The campaign target audience are children under 5 years, children 9 years and adolescents aged 10 e 15 years.

The state coordinator of the National Immunization Program, Izabel Nascimento, He explains that the campaign ended last Friday (30), but the data are still partial, why the interior of the municipalities are still sending information and the Ministry of Health established a deadline day 14 October for consolidation of such data by states and municipalities.

Izabel Nascimento explains that 103.158 children attended the vaccination posts, but only 57% of this total took vaccine. "The campaign showed us that 43% of our children and teenagers had their vaccines on time. This leaves us satisfied, it shows that we are doing a good job and overcome all our difficulties ", celebrates.

The goal of Multivaccination Campaign, which had the slogan "All united world, It further hardens ", It was to rescue the population not yet immunized or incomplete vaccination schedules, during childhood and adolescence, to improve the coverage and, like this, maintain controlled and eradicated many diseases.

For children under five years of age BCG vaccines were available, Hepatitis B, pentavalent, rotavirus, Pneumo 10, Meningo C, MMR, Chickenpox, DTP infantil, Polio and Hepatitis A, among others. For children nine years and adolescents 10 Children under 15 years, They were available vaccines against hepatitis B, MMR, Yellow fever, HPV, among others.

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