Amazonense back with eight medals from the United States and shows the strength of the state on the mats

Lukas Matheus Aguiar, 17, We arrived in Manaus on Sunday (9), after 45 US days.
11/10/2016 08h36 - Updated 11/10/2016 11h06
Photo: Mauro Neto / Sejel

The Amazon Lukas Matheus Aguiar, 17, He landed in Manaus in the early hours of Sunday, day 9, after season 45 days in the United States and came with two extra kilos on luggage. The extra weight is due to the eight medals won three championships in which the athlete participated, with six gold and two silver. The fighter received Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

The first challenge Lukas was the "Grand Slam of Jiu-Jitsu", em Los Angeles, days 3 e 4 of September. For this event, the blue band won two gold medals, It is the average weight, up until 73 kg, with kimono and no gi.

The Dallas Open, days 17 e 18, Lukas won two more silvers the dispute with kimono (category and Absolute), and two golds (Absolute and 73kg). The last mission of the Amazon was the "Pan American No-Gi", in New York, in the days 31 and October 1, when he grabbed two golds, one for the category and the other for the absolute category.

"I did very good fights, with different positions and realized that people recognized my work. Mainly, that surprised, as the most was aware that I was time sauce. Were unprecedented competition for me and face could have good results, Thank God", these Lukas, to mention that almost a month before the international season, He had to stay away from training due to injuries on the left and right shoulders and lower back.

In four years of career, the fighter Checkmat had never spent so much time outside Brazil and states that 'blond', beyond the achievements of podiums, is already being harvested. Proof of that, It is that the athlete is being 'played' by two international sponsors.

"Currently, I count on the sponsorship of Moya, which is a kimonos brand and general clothing California. With the results, two other brands want to support me, but I have a contract until 2018, closed. nevertheless, I regard these possibilities with love and happiness, it is always good to know that someone wants to tow your company to my name because of what I have been playing ", commented.

Also according to the thick shell, the goal now is to continue taking advantage of the good 'tide' and stand out in the coming disputes, which are the World California, 5 e 6 November and the Grand Slam, in Rio de Janeiro, 12 e 13 from November. Days 11 e 12 of February, he also participates in the "Brazil National Pro Jiu-Jitsu", que vale vaga para o “Abu Dhabi World Pro”, in the UAE.

"The championships that I have here in front are also very important and it is now to keep the gas, training and focus. Here in the United States, for example, He trained five veze and for several hours. This is my chance for the World Pro and I will enjoy it to the fullest ", he said.

Featured Amazonians

In Lukas Matheus, other names of "little land baré" flashed in the US. The purple belt Emanuel Castro also participated in three events and won gold in the 85kg category and was silver in the absolute.
Matheus Gabriel Barros, 62 kg, was another who took the podium a few times. At Grand Slam champion was in category, as well as the Dallas Open, and champion in the category by the Pan American.

Matheus, 19, It is the only trio, inclusive, that will give a stretched trip to participate in the "World No-Gi", day 2 from November, em Los Angeles. altogether, will be four events that Amazon will participate.

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