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Arthur yellow, not going to debate and is massacred in social networks

Mayor flees the debate, after spending the day drinking in city restaurant.
Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

Mayor Arthur Neto once again made a "cardboard" and did not attend the debate in Network Tiradentes that confirmed presence, on the morning of Friday. Arthur sent minutes before starting the program, a letter explaining that it would not consider for the medium "partial and unreliable". The presenter Ronaldo Tiradentes ranked attitude "tremendous lack of Arthur's commitment to the people and the voters" and called the mayor "runaway". And even showed photo in Arthur appears alongside employees of each restaurant, where "he spent the afternoon drinking all, getting drunk, instead of being preparing for the debate ".

Without the presence of Artur, the debate turned into an interview 1 time with Marcelo Ramos, who honored the commitment and attend to the debate. The journalist Marcos Santos asked the questions to the candidate Marcelo Ramos. Early in, Marcelo Ramos criticized the absence of Artur: "My opponent lost the opportunity to try to clarify the serious problems that the city faces in public transport, in traffic, On education, infrastructure and health. But the voter / listener can now compare and the option to see the population of comparing "cowardice and courage" and "speak truth and lie".

In one of the excerpts of the debate that became interview because of "sujão mayor", Marcelo said Arthur curled lot when hired entrepreneur's company David Flowers is trapped inside the operation "Evil Ways". Hiring made by Artur was done without bidding for the company of the prisoner David Flores did telemarketing service to Samu and combating Zika Virus, even without having this service in your social contract.

The irregularity and roll involving Arthur Neto and the businessman arrested in "Bad Paths" operation is so serious that Professor Alderman Bibiano is making a request for CPI in the Municipality of Manaus.

Marcelo Ramos also took the opportunity to condemn Artur Neto attitude that remained all the time ally Governor Jose Melo and election eve abandoned the governor, this after receiving, for example, resources and R $ 50 million for subsidies and tax breaks of public transport.

On the support it has received for the second round, Marcelo Ramos denied the statements of Arthur Neto that would have offered secretariats of the two candidates to obtain the support of the same. Marcelo said he received support for committing to implement some proposals as the return of "Domingueira" and the return of full time integration proposed by Serafim Correa; and the implementation of Ronda Community proposed by Silas House and his deputy, Colonel Amadeu.

Internet does not forgive

Soon after confirmation that Arthur would not attend the debate in Tiradentes network, the criticism to the mayor's behavior dominated social networks. Several memes and comments blasting the mayor.

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