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Arthur Neto lack of debate Tiradentes Network

The toucan was not afraid of being questioned alliance with who before called most corrupt Amazon: Eduardo Braga and other matters, of which tries to escape.
Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

The candidate and current mayor of the city of Manaus, Arthur Neto (PSDB) It lacked the electoral debate marked Network Tiradentes for Friday (7), from 8 am to 10 am. The debate was marked on Wednesday (5), with plenty of time, but the toucan as usual failed to debate.

According aired this morning by journalist, Ronaldo Tiradentes, Arthur is not prepared to discuss the city's problems. The journalist said yesterday (6), up to 18h, the mayor was in a restaurant, located on Avenida Efhigênio Sales drinking enough wine, not a bit worried about delving into the numbers of City Hall or prepare for the debate.

Check out the speech Ronaldo:

“Yesterday afternoon instead of preparing for the debate was in Manaus restaurant until 18h drinking wine, as indeed it is ugly every day of your life, demonstrating contempt for democracy. You should be collected yesterday afternoon preparing, deepening the numbers of the town hall of the administration to present in today's debate, but you were in the restaurant, Sales in Efhigênio Avenue until the end of the afternoon drinking. If missing exemption from us and we were in the service of an application we would have approached in the first round information that circulated in all the social networks of Manaus and every city has learned that you would have beaten his ex-wife, Goreth Garcia causing her serious injury. We prefer to understand that this fact was limited to field staff while knowing that aggression against a woman is typified crime in the Maria da Penha Law and should result in prosecution, because it is a crime of unconditioned public action. We do not want to say that this is true and hopefully be a lie, but who is to say it is a thorough investigation of the prosecution, Police Station for Women and the Maria da Penha Vara. Arthur is a fearful fled the debate and the city lost”.

no discussion , Arthur and Marcelo have the opportunity to directly one to the other questions, without mediator questions, only with the time limit rule. The advice of the toucan attended all meetings before the debate, but the candidate did not appear showing disrepute with his own advice.

Arthur was not afraid of being questioned alliance with who before called most corrupt in Brazil: Eduardo Braga. He was afraid of confrontation and today (7) in their social networks gave the lamest excuses that are.

In his Facebook said it will go to the BAND TV because there will "balance and impartiality". BAND, Arthur will have neutral ground, as the owner of the TV, the businessman Francisco Garcia is the president of the Progressive Party that is in the same coalition of it. There BAND, You will certainly have a lot of "free".

Listen to audio:

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