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Arthur put on social networks excuses about why missing debate

The candidate talks about lack of impartiality, as participate in Band TV debate, whose owner is president of the PP, which is part of a coalition.
Photo: reproduction
Photo: reproduction

The mayor and candidate, Arthur Neto (PSDB), posted on his official Facebook page the reason missed the scheduled election debate for Friday (7) 8h in Tiradentes Network, Arthur insists hide the real reason that made him absent from debate.

One of the themes feared for him is an alleged physical assault committed by him against his ex-wife Goreth Garcia and commented on social networks, during the first round. La'me fear of debate promises and unfulfilled last year. Examples are 110 creche, that which made only 2, the chronic problem of public transport and the blue band, headache of many people.

The toucan's attitude shows contempt and lack of respect for the citizens manauaras.

Check out the note with the lame excuse:

“Dear radio Ronaldo Tiradentes, first of all wishes for much personal happiness to all its.
Registry, So, I consider real breakthrough civilizing a communication agency choose an application. This often happens in the United States, through vehicle demonstrations as Washington Post, New York Times and others of the same weight and tradition of respectability. That, instead of mean bias and lack of impartiality, It leads to a necessary balance posture in dealing space and interaction with applications contrary to the thinking of the direction of the body. This is why I fail to attend the debate proposed by Network Tiradentes, that visibly supports, from the first round, the postulant now opposite me in this decisive stage: misleading research; not adequate coverage even on election day own 2 October last.
Successive movements in favor of an application not officially assumed. clearly contrary to the postulation posture impersonations, representing the thought of strong share of the population manauara. After all, fight for re-election to allow the continuation of redemption of our city, pursuing a fight that needs to be effectively democratic, always ways effectively safe and responsible.
I assure you that this decision does not just apply to your network. It applies to those most not be guided by the exemption as necessary for the maturing of Brazilian democracy.
learn, by the way, that the election campaign is not enough to shake the appreciation that I dedicate to you and your family, beginning with friend Rui. I follow just the way it seems more appropriate to expose my ideas, accountability and proposals, a climate that is, simply, free and conducive to a fair assessment by city voters who all love. City in which abandoned a diplomatic career, exchanging, with great conviction, a life abroad, the honor of love, smile, cry, suffer and win this land, and next to this people.

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