Arthur is rejected by almost 65% the population of Manaus on the ballot in the 1st round

O number means 671.9 thousand residents of the capital do not want the return of the PSDB.
03/10/2016 10h48 - Updated 3/10/2016 17h30
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Mayor Arthur Neto leaves the 1st round of municipal elections rejected by 64,82% manauaras of voters. Nothing less than 671.9 thousand residents of the capital do not want the return of the PSDB to Manaus Prefecture. The number is the sum of the votes of the other eight candidates for mayor of Manaus and shows that the re-election of Artur Neto in the 2nd round is increasingly improbable. The mayor had voting 364,4 thousand votes, or equivalent 35,17% of the valid votes, while Marcelo Ramos, appears 24,86% of the valid votes, in total 257,6 thousand votes.

Artur Neto leaves also defeated in the composition of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), the PSDB managed to make only two councilors Elijah Emanuel and Pliny Valerius, which together add up 14.745 thousand votes. The PR, Marcelo Ramos, closed the 1st round with four councilors: Fred Mota, Sgt. bentes, Claudio Proenca and Joana Darc, in total 15.248 thousand votes.

The coalition of Mayor Arthur Neto leaves also defeated in the final composition of the CMM, only 20 the 41 vacancies were filled with candidates of the coalition of the mayor. At the other end, are 21 elected councilors of other coalitions with the votes of people who no longer accept the administration of Artur Neto.

The final determination of the TRE-AM indicates what was seen in the polls throughout the campaign: Marcelo Ramos left 6% of the vote at the beginning of the electoral process and closed the vote in second place, with 24,86% two votes, leading the race for the 2nd round.

Artur Neto who came to have 44% of the vote in published research, closed the 1st round with just over 35%.


Artur Neto got 364.485 thousand votes, or corresponding to 35,17% of the valid votes. Marcelo Ramos, obtained 257.689 thousand votes, or equivalent 24,86% two votes. Silas House, had 115,768 thousand votes (11,17%), José Ricado, had 113.936 thousand votes (10,99%), Serafim Correa, 113.052 thousand votes (10,91%), Hissa Abraham, 27.506 thousand votes (2,65%), Luiz Castro, 20.290 thousand votes (1,96%), Henrique Oliveira, 16.825 (1,62%) and Queiroz, 6.841 thousand votes (0,66%).

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