Arthur wants Sabino back to the House of Representatives

If Arthur is elected, Sabino will assume the position of Mark Rotta (PMDB), vice Artur, the House of Representatives.
12/10/2016 18h45 - Updated 12/10/2016 18h45
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Former federal deputy, Sabino Castelo Branco (PTB), is working 24 hours a day in the neighborhoods of Manaus trying to reelect Mayor Arthur Neto. It is that Arthur is elected, Sabino takes the position of Mark Rotta (PMDB), vice Artur, the House of Representatives. This agreement was designed by Arthur, with endorsement of Senator Eduardo Braga, to have the PTB, Sabino party, in his coalition and thus have more television time. Arthur still financially underwrote all councilman's reelection campaign Reizo Castelo Branco, son of Sabino. "Already I have chosen the child now will resurrect the father", said Artur, after the result of the first round.

The strong rejection of Artur Neto in the districts of North and East area, where the city of Manaus did not spend the same amount of money invested in more affluent neighborhoods of West and South Central zones, also explains the reasons union between Arthur and Sabino. Sabino is another Arthur Neto hides in its electoral program.

"The explanation is that Arthur did not want to alienate the people. People know that these alliances with Sabino and Braga are fruit schemes for elections 2018, where Arthur will try to return to the Senate and Braga wants the Government of Amazonas. Sabino surfing this wave because it is profit to advance the congressman wave ", says a source from within the mayor's campaign.

As part of the agreement, Artur invested heavily in the campaign Reizo, who was re-elected with 10.403 votes. Now both Reizo as Sabino are concentrated and focused on seeking votes to re-elect Artur. Part of the Municipal Infrastructure Secretariat structure (Seinf) It was made available to Sabino and Reizo to win votes in the eastern and northern areas to the mayor.

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