Novo Aripuana bank robbers are arrested in the port of Borba

The trio of offenders was detained in the river port city after anonymous complaints.
15/10/2016 13h45 - Updated 15/10/2016 13h45
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A group of offenders who robbed the bank branch of Novo Aripuana was arrested in an action of Military Policemen in the 9th Independent Company of Military Police (CIPM) Borba (distant 215 km straight from the capital), on the morning of Friday (14), in the port.

The trio of offenders was detained in the river port city after anonymous reports inform that men possibly involved in the robbery of a bank in the city of Novo Aripuana would be traveling in a passenger vessel bound for Manaus, which would scale in the city.

According to the police team, immediately the team went to assess the situation. In the port, to identify the vessel performed approach and searches inside the boat. The men were arrested in cabins. The offenders were identified as Rainer Felipe Viana Costa, 26, Edson Duarte Lima, 38, with which they were found R $ 1.732 in kind, plus one o'clock PT gun 380 with 12 intact munitions and two chargers and three mobile. Also was arrested Max Frank Uchoa Nei, 23, with which it was found R $ 969 in cash and a cell phone.

Violators were presented to the Bureau of Borba for legal providences of the judicial police authority.

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