bus robberies grow in Manaus, points Sinetram

The Sinetram data show that August was the bloodiest month, with 310 cases.
08/10/2016 15h25 - Updated 9/10/2016 16h06
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The numbers involving assaults on buses have reached the monthly average 240 In Manaus. altogether, 1.925 bus robberies Manaus of public transport were recorded in the first eight months 2016. The information is part of a survey of the Association of the State of Amazonas Passenger Transport Companies (Sinetram), released on Friday (7). Second or document, the loss of business is higher than R $ 559 one thousand. The union wants to expand the use of magnetic cards and reduce the cash payment in vehicles.

The Sinetram data show that August was the bloodiest month, with 310 cases. The month with the lowest number of records was January, when there were 171 assaults.

“The situation is hopeless. We had over these months a total of theft bordering R $ 600 one thousand, leading to buy at least two new buses to serve the population. This is absurd. With the crisis, increased 30% the number of robberies”, He said the legal adviser to Sinetram, Fernando Borges.

Losses of 10 companies that make up the Public Transport Companies Theft Statement between R $ 5,3 mil e R$108 mil. In all months there is a gradual increase in the number of cases of theft.

One of Sinetram measures to reduce assaults index is the expansion of the card system for payment of the fare. The union plans to install two more hundreds of machines to power the system Passafácil cards at various points of Manaus.

“has solution. We have a proposal on the way to implement to reduce and even end the use of money at the turnstile. We will increase for 200 sales points by the end of the year, Our goal is that. Thereby, we will encourage the use of the card. The marginal want money. HE, by chance, robs the cell phone is one thing circumstantial. Money is what it uses to buy drugs. With this measure we believe will greatly reduce and even stop theft”, the aide said.

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